The trump administration launched an attack on California this week by filing a lawsuit against the states sanctuary laws. The heated battle started off as a war of words over California immigration acts but ended up becoming a battle between titans. California has been one of the most active opponents of Trump's immigration policies. The Justice Department is suing governor Jerry Brown and attorney general Xavier Becerra over laws passed last month that limit federal officials from deporting criminals who were not born in the United States. The Justice Department presented their case to the court arguing the three previous laws passed in California restricting immigration officials from doing their job are unconstitutional and should be blocked.

California Governor responds to lawsuit

The recent attack on California acts as a warning to other Democrats and elected officials who had previously attempted to implement sanctuary laws that aid in protecting undocumented immigrants. According to the Attorney General’s remarks, the Department of Justice will fight the “unconstitutional” laws to the end. Jeff Sessions also believes the court will rule in their favor and block the three policies.

In his statement, Governor Brown referred to the lawsuit as a "political stunt" and the Attorney General's way of further dividing America. The Governor made it clear he is not afraid of lawsuit nor the force of the Justice Department. Gov. Jerry Brown and Attorney General Xavier Becerra have one of the most outspoken opponents of Donald Trump, even before he took office.

Both officials have stood in the way of many of Trump's policies including environmental regulations and taxes. The two adversaries have been against Trump's immigration policies going as far as to promising protection to undocumented immigrants.

Trump threatens to pull funding

Both administrations are determined to prove their might, making this perhaps one of the most heated political battles between California and the Trump administration.

The president has threatened to pull funding from all states that have enacted sanctuary laws that protect undocumented criminals from deportation. One of the California sanctuary law restricts state officials from sharing information on convicted offenders with federal immigration officers. The acting director of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement referred to the sanctuary law as unconstitutional and suggested that officials responsible for enacting the policy should be arrested.

Kevin de León, the leader of the California State Senate, refers to the lawsuit as Trump's way of channeling his anger to those who stand up to his administration. Sacramento and San Francisco are among other states offering sanctuary to undocumented immigrants.