It was announced on Friday that special counsel Robert Muller had indicted 13 Russian nationals in relation to their reported hacking of the 2016 presidential election. In response, Donald Trump was quick to push back, leading to his son doing the same on social media.

Don Jr. on Twitter

Ever since Donald Trump pulled off the shocking upset over Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States, speculation has increased with many wondering how all the experts got it so wrong.

In the year since his inauguration, Trump has denied any wrongdoing, constantly referring to the allegations as a "hoax," despite several of his past associates being indicted. Russian investigation special counsel Robert Mueller has been on the case and announced via Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Friday that 13 Russian nationals, as well as three Russian entities, have all been indicted for meddling in the election.

As expected, Donald Trump used the opportunity to claim that the news showed he had "no collusion" with Russia, with Donald Trump Jr. deciding to give a few thoughts of his own.

In a tweet on February 16, Don Jr. set up a poll catering to Trump supporters about the current state of the Russian investigation. "With today’s revelations regarding Russian meddling how long will the leftist witch hunt against Donald Trump continue?" he tweeted. While the three options for answers were put together to appeal to the base, "7 more years," "100 years," or "to infinity and beyond," critics of the president had a few things to say.

Twitter backlash

Following the poll set up by Donald Trump Jr., it didn't take long for those who oppose the administration to fire back. "Those were the first indictments. Enjoy prison, Junior," one tweet read.

"Oh, I think there's still a little time to get your affairs in order...You're gonna look pasty in orange, but on the bright side, your dad will be practically invisible...Have a lovely evening," a Twitter user wrote.

"Until you and dad go to prison. And by the way, an investigation that continues to move forward with indictments and arrests, is not a 'witch hunt' it’s due process and it’s at your front door...pretty soon your 'backdoor' is going to be awfully sore!" yet another tweet stated.

"13 more indictments, and you still think it’s a witch hunt?" a social media user asked.

"You and your father are going to jail. Oh so is your brother in law. And a lot of your friends and business partners etc. Your kids are going to change there last name. And you know what? I LOVE IT!!!" a tweet noted.