It's been just over two weeks since the deadly mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. In response, Donald Trump has decided on who he will blame for what took place, while also making a controversial comment about himself.

Trump on Parkland

The latest school shooting, this time at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, resulted in the deaths of 17 innocent people at the hands of former student 19-year-old Nikolas Jacob Cruz.

In the weeks since the shooting, the issue has become predictably partisan, with the political right coming out hard against any and all calls for increased gun control. The Broward Sheriff’s Office has also received criticism due to their failure to respond properly during the shooting.

While the issue over gun control remains a hot topic of debate, with survivors of the shooting debating members of the NRA, Donald Trump addressed the situation during the Governors’ Ball event at the White House while speaking to dozens of governors from around the country.

When talking about the shooting, the president claimed "I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon." The president went on to label the shooter a "sicko," reaffirming his support for the Second Amendment, while expressing that he would be open to a change in some of the nation's background check laws. Trump, who has proposed arming teachers to prevent a mass shooting while offering them financial bonuses to comply, quickly came under fire across social media for his remarks.

Twitter reacts

Following Donald Trump's comments, critics wasted no time lashing out. "President Bone Spurs is so courageous," one tweet read.

"Remember when he turned and walked away from the guy who was bleeding on the floor at Mar-a-Lago?" a Twitter user asked.

"Trump dodged the draft, which would have given him a weapon," an additional tweet stated. "But he's too scared to go the Demilitarized Zone. Or visit England if public crowds will say mean things about him. Or even face the US media in a Press Conference," yet another tweet read.

"Dear people that believe this: Please contact me about the many many bridges I have for sale.

The best bridges," a follow-up tweet added. "Isn't this the same guy who made jokes about freezing when a man in his resort fell to the ground choking?" a social media user posted. The backlash continued as Donald Trump's remarks about the Parkland shooting didn't go over well.