Over the last week, Donald Trump has been forced to deal with various issues that have negatively impacted his administration. In response, the president decided to deflect the blame onto his top target.

Trump and Twitter

In recent days, the White House has been facing an onslaught of criticism due to a variety of issues.

From the drop in the stock market, to the latest revelations in the Russian investigation, to the resignation of two White House staffers over alleged domestic violence. In regards to now ex-White House staffer Rob Porter, Trump came under fire for brushing off the domestic violence reports, and instead decided to cast doubt on the accusers while praising Porter's time in the administration. Trump doubled down on his defense of Porter in a recent tweet where he blamed false allegations for ruining the careers and lives of many individuals.

Over the weekend, the headlines were dominated by the Rob Porter story, as well as the failing stock market and Trump's decision not to release the Democratic response to the infamous Nunes memo that many believe could debunk alleged falsehoods made by Rep.

Devin Nunes. In a tweet on February 11, Trump let off some steam. "So many positive things going on for the U.S.A. and the Fake News Media just doesn’t want to go there," he tweeted.

"Same negative stories over and over again!" Donald Trump went on to add. "No wonder the People no longer trust the media, whose approval ratings are correctly at their lowest levels in history!" he concluded, despite the irony that the president's approval numbers are hovering around just 40 percent.

Backlash follows

After sending out his tweet, Donald Trump was bombarded with criticism. "Whatever you say, money laundering traitor," one tweet read.

"You wish Fat Boy.

America KNOWS your fake news is FAKE EXCUSE. Tick Tock Tick Tock," yet another tweet read. "You’re just making up lies as you go along," an additional tweet stated. "Tell Fox News to start telling the truth then. Problem solved!" a follow-up tweet noted. "Stock market crash, opioid epidemic, climate change, ballooning national debt. Yeah it's wonderful - and you are doing nothing about it!" a social media user wrote.

"All negative stories seem to come from you. I don't trust you any farther than I can throw you," a Twitter user added. The backlash continued as Trump's relationship with the media is showing no signs of improvement.