Tuesday marked what would have been former President Ronald Reagan's 107th birthday. After Donald Trump tweeted out a birthday greeting, the president was quickly given a reminder of how unpopular he is in the United States.

Trump on Reagan

The current state of the Republican Party is divided, with traditional establishment Republicans often growing tired with the antics of Donald Trump. Whether it's his controversial policy proposals or his reckless use of social media, Trump has put a crack through the current GOP, though the majority of the party still ends up voting for his agenda due to routine partisan political loyalty.

Prior to Trump, the name that came to mind when thinking of the Republican Party was Ronald Reagan, who would have celebrated his 107th birthday on February 6.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Donald Trump posted a photo of himself and Ronald Reagan while adding a short birthday message. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our 40th President of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan!" Trump tweeted. While the former commander in chief has been out of office for nearly 30 years, he's still held in high esteem by many in the Republican Party, especially following the election of Trump.

Quick shots

After tweeting out his birthday wishes to Ronald Reagan it didn't take long for the those who oppose Donald Trump to sound off. "He would not approve of you," one tweet read, which included a reply reading, "The Republicans of Reagan would be against 70 percent of what you do."

"Figures that the worst living president would admire one of the worst dead Presidents.

Ugh," a follow-up tweet noted. "WHY!!! Why is it always about you? Can't you just honor him without you?" a Twitter user asked. "He's turning in his grave thanks to you!" an additional tweet added. "He would be ashamed of the Soviet style military parade you ordered," a social media user wrote.

"Pretty disgusting that you get to call yourself a president," a critic of Donald Trump tweeted out.

"He’s still a better president NOW than you. I mean RIGHT NOW," Jon Donahue posted. "Two of the worst presidents in my lifetime in one picture," a tweet read. With Ronald Reagan's birthday in the news, Donald Trump is sitting at a low approval rating of around just 40 percent. With the stock market taking a recent drop, and with a government shutdown possible in the next two weeks, the current political landscape shows some similarities to when Reagan was in office, but in other ways things have drastically changed.