The biggest news story over the last year has been in regards to the election hacking by Russia and what role Donald Trump's campaign might have played in the meddling. In response, the president has decided to target two top news outlets over their coverage.

Trump on Twitter

After Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in November 2016, many were left scratching their heads and wondering how it all happened.

Just a few weeks later and several well-respected news outlets and government agencies reported that Russia not only hacked into the Democratic National Committee, but did so with the goal of electing Trump. Since then, Trump has denied any wrongdoing, despite a special investigation indicting past and present associates of the president over their link to Russia.

The latest news involved special counsel Robert Mueller indicting 13 Russian nationals for meddling in the election, which Donald Trump has used as a talking point to defend himself from allegations of collusion.

In a tweet on February 20, Trump took two top networks to task. "Bad ratings CNN & MSNBC got scammed when they covered the anti-Trump Russia rally wall-to-wall," Trump tweeted.

"They probably knew it was Fake News but, because it was a rally against me, they pushed it hard anyway," Donald Trump went on to tweet. "Two really dishonest newscasters, but the public is wise!" he added.

As expected, Trump's tweet accusing MSNBC and CNN of knowingly reporting inaccurate information didn't go over well with critics.

Instant reaction

After just minutes of sending out his tweet, Donald Trump faced a wave of negative reactions. "Mueller and his Men are circling their wagons tubby. You're on borrowed time," a tweet read.

"But you have failed to provide any proof/evidence to the contrary. Also where are the Russia sanctions?" a Twitter user wrote. "One really dishonest president, with horrible ratings says.....," a social media user noted. "Since your own ratings are at a historic low you know a lot about them," a follow-up tweet added.

"And, stop talking about yourself in the third person.

It’s even more embarrassing than you are as a human," a Twitter user wrote. "All you do is whine on Twitter all day. Do you ever work?" Greg Shugar wondered. "Since you're big on ratings you should know that MSNBC posted double-digit growth over the other competitors, whereas propaganda Fox was down 16%!!!! We all know you're lying so just go to bed and shut up!" an additional tweet read.