After passing their controversial tax cuts, Republicans have been quick to gloat anytime a corporation has announced raises or bonuses for their workers. For House Speaker Paul Ryan, he decided to brag about a local school secretary's pay increase, but it didn't go over well on Twitter.

Ryan's blunder

The Republican tax plan claims to put money back in the pocket of middle class Americans, but critics and Democratic rivals say otherwise. The majority of the benefits of the tax bill are going to the top one percent, with experts predicting that $1.7 trillion will be added to the national debt over the course of the next decade.

While some businesses have announced bonuses and raises, many have remained skeptical as to whether or not the tax bill was the source of the decision. As reported by Mediaite on February 3, House Speaker Paul Ryan came under fire after bringing attention to the modest raise given to school secretary.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday morning, Paul Ryan retweeted an article from the Associated Press about the increase in workers' paychecks. "A secretary at a public high school in Lancaster, PA said she was surprised her pay went up $1.50 a week," Ryan wrote, adding, "she said (that) will more than cover her Costco membership for the year." Ryan has since deleted the tweet after facing backlash which went viral across social media.

Instant backlash

As expected, critics of the tax cut were quick to lash out. "I don't know that this is something to tout. A check for $1,000 is a big deal for many people...I understand why elected officials promote that. But $1.50 a week shouldn't be put up as an example," Yashar Ali of New York Magazine tweeted out.

"A dollar fifty.

A dollar fu**ing fifty. Plant this man in a fu**ing volcano," Drew Magary of Deadspin tweeted. "You’re a horrible person. How much did Lyin Donny profit from this while we should be thankful for $1.50 a week?? Vile demon," a tweet went on to read.

"I am a middle class worker in SW Ohio and I didn’t see my taxes go down a measly $1.50 per week Paul Ryan touted today....Republicans raised my taxes and are giving it to their rich donors," an additional tweet added.

"Just when I thought it was impossible to think any less of Paul Ryan...this. What an epic tool," a follow-up tweet stated. As of press time, neither Ryan nor his office have issued a response to the criticism over the deleted tweet, while Republicans are expected to continue to promote the tax cut.