One of the leading voices over the last century for conservative Christians has been Rev. Billy Graham. After Graham passed away on Wednesday, Melania Trump and Donald Trump decided to give their thoughts.

Trump on Graham

The name Billy Graham triggers a different reaction depending on the individual hearing it. For the religious right, Graham was a man who helped lead millions of Americans to Christianity, doing so on a national platform for decades while acting as a spiritual adviser for multiple presidents.

For secular Americans, the Reverend was nothing more than a charlatan, a pick-pocket, and a religious huckster who abused his power as a religious figure to con impressionable people. At the age of 99, Graham passed away at his home in North Carolina on Wednesday morning.

Commenting on the news was both President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump. "The GREAT Billy Graham is dead. There was nobody like him! He will be missed by Christians and all religions," the president tweeted out, before adding, "A very special man."

In addition, Melania Trump also gave his thoughts in a separate post on Twitter.

"Saddened by the loss of Evangelist Billy Graham," Melania wrote. "He led an impactful life, touching so many people with his spiritual teachings. He will be deeply missed," she added.

Twitter reaction

Following the tweets by the first couple, critics of the administration took time to hit back. "Endorsing Donald Trump has placed the stigma on the Billy Graham evangelistic movement!

Getting in bed with the antichrist for political purposes did not serve them well," Bishop Talbert Swam tweeted out.

"How about a tweet about any one of the Parkland teenagers funerals??

Too much empathy/humanity for you, I guess," a Twitter user wrote back to the president. "Like you cared for Billy Graham during all these years as a rich playboy! Yeah, right. Your new facade as a religious man only fools your base," yet another tweet added.

"And sadly he had no influence on your husband the day he cheated on you with Stormy Daniels," comedian Kristina Wong wrote to Melania.

"Whoever advises you on your comments on Twitter is really missing the point. Billy Graham will not be deeply missed. He was a bigot just like your husband," yet another tweet stated. The Trump's reaction to the death of Graham received predictably mixed reviews based on political affiliation, with the legacy of the religious leader remaining controversial at best.