As 2018 kicks off, Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he will be leaving his south Florida resort on Monday so he could get back to work in Washington. As expected, his critics wasted no time firing back.

Trump headed back

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump criticized then President Barack Obama and others for taking too much time away from the White House. It became routine for Trump to bash Obama on Twitter for spending time on the golf course, but now that he's in office, the tables have turned. On Christmas night, Trump tweeted out that he was going to "get back to work," but then spent the next six days at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida while taking trips each day to Trump International Golf Club and hitting the green.

Following his New Year's Eve celebration back at Mar-a-Lago on Sunday night, Trump started his morning off by tweeting about Iran and Pakistan before promising to return to work at the White House, as seen in a post on January 1.

As he was allegedly getting ready to leave Florida and return to Washington, D.C., Donald Trump spoke about the work that was ahead of him. "Will be leaving Florida for Washington (D.C.) today at 4:00 P.M," Trump tweeted. "Much work to be done," he continued, while stating, "but it will be a great New Year!" Within minutes of his tweet, backlash quickly followed.

Instant speculation

While Donald Trump vowed to start working again, those who oppose the administration weren't buying what the president was selling. "Mr. Trump, you have golfed for the past 5 days after saying 'It is back to work!'" one tweet pointed out.

"Yeah, much work because you’ve been on the golf course for a week!!!" another tweet added.

"Gotta get 9 holes in? another tweet sarcastically asked. "91 days at trump golf courses says LAZIEST POTUS EVER.Over $100 million spent on golf trips to trump golf courses says you are trying to bankrupt America like you did many of your businesses. You never worked a day in your life. Please #Resign before you embarrass USA more!" an additional tweet stated.

"The best part about 2018? The fact that you will go down as the worst, most inept, most corrupt presidency in the history of the United States," a follow-up tweet wrote. "Good to hear that you'll be back on the job soon.

Someone has to live-tweet Fox & Friends for three hours every morning for us," a Twitter user wrote with mockery. The negative reaction only continued as the opposition to Donald Trump and the current administration moved forward.