On Tuesday night, Donald Trump will deliver his second State of the Union address. After offering comments about his speech to reporters at the White House, the president got a reminder that many will not be tuning in.

Trump's speech

When Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election, it was only a matter of time before backlash followed. In the weeks leading up to his inauguration, protests took place in various cities, peaking during Inauguration Day when millions took part in the Women's March. Just days later and Trump gave his first State of the Union speech which kicked off a presidency that currently has an approval rating of less than 40 percent.

At the White House on Monday afternoon, Donald Trump took part in the swearing-in ceremony of Alex Azar as the new Health and Human Services Secretary. After giving a short speech, Trump was asked about his State of the Union speech this Tuesday. "It's going to be good. We worked on it hard, covered a lot of territory, including our great success with the markets and with the tax cut," Trump said. "It’s a big speech. An important speech. We will cover immigration," he added.

Backlash follows

With the negative vibes surrounding his administration, it didn't come as a surprise that critics of Donald Trump on social media spoke out in boycott of Tuesday night's SOTU speech. "The only speech of Trump's I would enjoy would begin, 'Mr. Secretary of State,' end with "I resign," and have nothing in between," one tweet read.

"It will be a total waste of peoples time.

Rent a movie instead," another tweet added. "Probably a lot of sniffing," a Twitter user wrote in reference to Donald Trump's past stuffy nose during speeches. After a tweet asked why Trump seems to always wear the same suit and tie, a social media user replied, "All I can think of is that it must have soaked up a lot of urine. That’s gross and I wish he’d wear a different tie so I wouldn’t have to think it."

"Don't believe a word from the 'hostage taker' Trump about immigration.

He could care less about dreamers, he's more interested in HIS wall," an additional tweet went on to read. "Trump talking about Trump. I’ll pass," yet another tweet stated. While many have made it clear that they will not be watching the State of the Union, others will be tuning in as the speech is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. EST and will be broadcasted on most local and cable news networks from the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C.