North Korea made a rare call to all Koreans, both at home and abroad, to push for Unification with South Korea. Pyongyang is seeking to "promote contact, travel, cooperation between North and South Korea" as the two nations appear to be on their best terms since the Korean War, 60 plus years ago. A report by MSN presented most of the information used in this article.

The remarks come from a joint meeting between the two nations that was recently held. Among the topics discussed were the ongoing military tensions on the Korean peninsula. According to North Korea, these tensions are mainly the fault of outside nations meddling in the business of Koreans.

This sudden proclamation also comes on the heels of the upcoming Winter Olympics that are being held in South Korea. The two nations came to an agreement on entering a joint women's hockey team to compete in the games. The team will wear a neutral uniform and compete under a unification flag.

International interference

Up until now, North and South Korea have been pawns in a larger proxy battle for influence between the United States and Russia and China. While the U. is a staunch ally of South Korea, stationing tens of thousands of troops on a permanent basis, Russia and China have helped North Korea from a distance.

Whether it be blocking United Nations resolutions with their veto power, or supplying needed goods and arms despite international sanctions, North Korea would not have survived without the help of Russia and China.

Having aid is a good thing, but it appears both North and South Korea are starting to realize that the only way that they will have a true peace is if the two sides negotiate it themselves. The call that Pyongyang would "smash" any outside threat to unification further shows that they are fed up with the outside influence that plagues the region.

Diffusing World War III

The latest developments on the Korean peninsula are the most optimistic in years.

Two nations with a deep hatred for each other that have had next to no lines of communication, save for international mediation, are now negotiating without help in an attempt for unification and a lasting peace. It is a remarkable turn of events.

Heading into the new year, it seemed like the question of war was no longer if, but when it would happen. US President Donald Trump's fiery rhetoric towards Kim Jong-un was supposedly a precursor to an American invasion. However, if South Korea is engaging in peace talks with the North, then war might actually be avoided.

It is too early to tell what will come of this declaration. However, if it is the first step in true unification and peace on the peninsula, then Kim Jong-un might just end up as a leading candidate for a Nobel Peace Prize.