While Donald Trump is known for posting controversial and reckless messages on his Twitter feed, First Lady Melania Trump typically takes a more relaxed approach. After sending out a seemingly innocent tweet on New Year's Day, Melania came under fire from critics of her husband.

Melania on New Year's

When Donald Trump decided to run for president he did so with his family standing behind him on the floor of Trump Tower in New York City back in June 2015. As the months rolled on, the candidacy of the former host of "The Apprentice" turned from a joke into a reality, leading to his nomination at the Republican National Convention.

During that weekend, Melania Trump had her first opportunity to shine by delivering a speech in primetime. While initially being praised for her words, Melania's speech was found to have been partially plagiarized from one given by former First Lady Michelle Obama years earlier. Since then, Melania has kept a mostly low profile, while sporadically chiming in on select issues, like her campaign to end cyberbullying. After spending New Year's Eve with her family at Mar-a-Lago, Melania sent out a New Year's Day message during a January 1 tweet.

Taking to Twitter on Monday night, Melania Trump tweeted out her best wishes heading into 2018.

"Wishing everyone a Joyous, Healthy and Prosperous #NewYear2018!" Melania wrote. While the first lady's message was innocent, those who oppose the current administration decided to give her their thoughts on the new year.

Twitter reaction

Melania Trump has often been on the receiving end of criticism from many Americans who aren't pleased with her work as first lady, and that continued after her recent tweet.

"I wish you the same when you visit your husband in jail," comedian Kristina Wong tweeted out.

"Day # 344 of the hostage situation.

First Skank (former Slovenian soft core p*rn model) Concludes her lavish, gold plated, hostage funded holiday festivities. Treasons Greetings!" a Twitter user wrote. "How's the Internet Bullying campaign going? Your husband is still on Twitter," another tweet added.

"'Healthy' might be difficult for some since your husband just knocked 13 million people off their healthcare," yet another tweet stated.

"You make me sad!!! You never seem very happy!!! I hope you don't feel stuck with the guy your with. He thinks a lot about himself. I'm hope for your sake that it's not that way at home," an additional tweet noted.