Last weekend, close to a million people took part in the second annual Women's March in opposition to the presidency of Donald Trump. After Trump tweeted out confusing praise for the event, Kellyanne Conway was forced to defend the president during a heated interview on CNN.

Conway on CNN

After Donald Trump pulled off the shocking upset over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in November 2016, backlash quickly intensified among critics. On Inauguration Day, protesters took to the streets in Washington D.C., New York City, Los Angles, and several other cities across the country in a show of solidarity against the incoming commander in chief.

In the year since being sworn into office, Trump's approval rating has continued to decline, hovering around just 35 percent according to recently released polling data. With the negative atmosphere surrounding the White House, the Women's March took place last Saturday, which prompted a curious response from the president. Trump sent out a tweet in praise of the women, claiming that the march in question was due to the low unemployment rate as opposed to opposition against his administration. This issue was brought up during a January 23 interview on CNN with Kellyanne Conway.

Joining CNN host Chris Cuomo on Tuesday morning was Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway who tried to defend Donald Trump's confusion about the Women's March.

"The Women's March. The one where the president was tweeting that all the people are out there marching to say how great he's done?" Cuomo said to Conway, after she brought up the march.

"No, no, how great the economy is," Kellyanne Conway said attempting to clarify, while adding, "We have the lowest unemployment rate for women in 17 years." "You know that's not why they were marching," Chris Cuomo replied, saying it was "insulting" for the administration to say otherwise.

"Instead he's tweeting, a little tongue in cheek about it," he added, before listing reasons for why the Women's March took place in the first place, including equal pay for equal work.

Next up

While the White House continues to defend Donald Trump's controversial actions and statements, the president has a lot on his plate at the moment.

From personal issues dealing with the fallout from the "Fire and Fury" book and the allegations that he paid hush money to an adult film start to cover up an alleged affair, to more serious matters like the government shutdown and the Russian investigation. With 2018 only three weeks old, only time will tell how the rest of the year moves forward.