As Donald Trump ends his first year as president, the White House is doing everything in their power to spin the news as a positive. After the president returned to Washington following a week-long trip at his private resort, Kellyanne Conway was quick to highlight how he ended the year.

Conway on Trump

In the month of December, Congress worked on passing Donald Trump's controversial tax reform bill that received massive opposition from Democrats. Non-partisan studies revealed that the majority of the benefits would go to corporations and the most wealthy, while adding as much as $1.7 trillion to the national debt over the next decade.

Despite this, Trump and the Republican Party were able to get enough support and pass the bill through the House of Representatives and the Senate, leading to a presidential signature just before Christmas. After the bill was signed, Trump left Washington and made his way to his private Mar-a-Lago resort in south Florida, while also spending nearly the entire week at his nearby golf resort. While the president ended the year playing golf on a daily basis, Kellyanne Conway tried to focus on other issues, as seen during a Fox News interview on January 2.

While joining the hosts on "Fox and Friends" on Tuesday morning, Kellyanne Conway did her best to put a positive light on Donald Trump.

"The ambitious agenda of President Trump that helped fuel his election over a year ago will continue," Conway predicted.

"You saw how strong December was," Kellyanne Conway claimed, before adding, "I think in Washington the tradition is not to work very hard in August or December." "This president has reversed that, and with the help of the Congress passed some very meaningful legislation late in the game," she concluded.

Twitter response

After Kellyanne Conway was interviewed on Fox News, critics of the administration fired back with a reality check of the president's alleged "hard work" on December. "Kelly found a dying old mall that still makes up women for glamour shots I see," one tweet read.

"Joan Rivers is still looking well, haven't seen her for a while," another tweet sarcastically added.

"Now where know y Kelly has been missing from spotlight, she has been recovery from massive surgery...Holy hell these things never turn out as well as you think they will. get your money back Kelly," an additional tweet stated.

"Golfing and Twitter? Hasn’t got anything else done," one Twitter user wrote. "Damn I thought she was ugly last year," a follow-up tweet pointed out. While Kellyanne Conway and the rest of the administration do what they can to promote the president and his agenda, many Americans have made it clear that they are not on board.