An autistic 16-year-old has been charged with the quadruple murders of his family in New Jersey. Just minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve the teen opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle and massacred family members in their Long Branch home. The victims are the teens’ parents Steven Kologi, 44, his mother Linda Kologi, 42, Brittany Kologi, 18, and Mary Schulz, 70, who was a friend of the family and was staying at the Kologi’s home. The teen’s older brother and grandfather were able to escape the carnage.

The motive behind the shooting is unknown.

It is also unknown if he will be charged as an adult or juvenile for the murders at this time. Chris Gramiccioni, Monmouth County Prosecutor, stated, “the gun used in the shooting was owned by someone in the home.” Gramiccioni continued with, “the teen was taken into custody without incident,” reported by ABC 13.


Friends and family of the victims are shocked by the shooting and never expected something like this to happen. According to neighbors of the family said the teen was special needs and that his mother took care of him. It was also reported that the teen did not attend regular public school.

Steven Kologi was a former veteran, U.S. postal worker, and was also a truck driver.

He was also known to the community for coaching and playing softball. It was very common for him to bring his son to the games when he practiced and played. Joe Rios who was friends with Steven told the New York Post that anytime he saw the teen with his father, “he always seemed happy and was smiling." Rios described the teen as being “the nicest kid in the world.” Rios believes that the gun used in the shooting belonged to the father.

Jalen Walls, 18, another Family Friend, said the suspect was functional and was able to comprehend everything. Walls stated that he knew right from wrong, according to


Steven Kologi Jr., who survived the massacre, paid tribute to his parents and to his sister on social media. Steven Kologi Jr. posted on his Instagram that he had the greatest parents that anyone could ask for.

He continued by saying that his parents took care of them the best they could and they always were fed and had a roof over their heads. Steven also added that his sister was smart and beautiful.

Brian Yunker, who is also good friends with the family, set up a Gofundme account to help raise funds for funeral expenses. Since opening the Gofundme account Yunker has raised $26,660 in donations.