HQ Trivia is taking the world by storm. The popular mobile trivia game HQ Trivia has drawn in millions of players. Some end up losing and some manage to conquer the 12 trivia question challenge and win some money. The app-based game has become a massive hit since it launched in October 2017.

It's a difficult trivia game because the questions get harder and harder as you progress. While the game grows in popularity, glitches and bugs have caused people to not be able to see the question or even answer the question. The 10-seconds also adds to the pressure of being able to properly answer each question.

Trivia bugs and glitches

While these bugs and glitches can annoy some people, they end up benefiting the few who are lucky enough to win the game by staying connected. If you become one of the lucky ones and win a slice of the jackpot, there's a loophole that HQ Trivia has jumped on. Most players will not actually see the money they win - even the woman whose $11 win reaction went viral on social media, Time.com Money reports.

Remember to read the fine print

If you take the time to read HQ Trivia's Terms Of Service, you will see that most winners of the game are stuck in a sticky situation that keeps them from actually collecting their winnings.

Winners can only cash out if they have more than $20 dollars in winnings. While the jackpot for HQ Trivia has reached the level of $10,000 and beyond, the number of players continues to grow, which makes the amount each winner takes home very small. You are forced to play and win again until you've won enough to reach that $20 threshold.

That's not as easy as it may seem. Along with that, there's even another obstacle that HQ Trivia has in place, making it even more impossible to collect. Along with having to reach that $20 threshold, players only have 90 Days to reach $20. After that, the HQ Trivia terms of service says they can decline to award players their money.

You should realize that it is hard to win, and the cards are clearly stacked against you winning the $20 in 90 days, even if you play the two games every day. This proves that they are keeping more money than they are giving out. As popularity continues to grow for trivia games and trivia nights, customers still enjoy growing their knowledge of pointless trivia, even if they can't leave with the money. Most people play solely for the bragging rights.

Despite all the critics, HQ Trivia continues to grow, with more than 1 million players competing for $2,500 dollars on Thursday.