All along the eastern coast of the United States, a record-breaking cold front has made this winter already unbearable. Record low temperatures and blizzard snowfall have blanketed much of the country and it is only early January.

Things got so bad during the recent "bomb cyclone," that residents in some communities would have been better off evacuating inland to ride out the storm. High winds coupled with sinking temperatures led to serious flooding in some coastal cities. The record-breaking cold added insult to injury as the flooded streets quickly froze over.

Dozens and dozens of cars were left inaccessible as the flash freezing made digging them out near impossible. It is likely that these cars are all totaled beyond repair, even when they thaw out.

Winter is here

It is to be expected every winter, especially in the Northeast, will bring feet of snow and freezing wind chills. However, this winter so far has felt different. Many are having a hard time remembering whether or not they actually have seen some of the insane coldness that has gripped much of the country.

Flooding along coastal areas is nothing new, but to have it happen during a winter storm is just another layer of misery to those who live there. The unique storm did require some unique conditions to create this catastrophe.

One big reason for the flooding is the storm hit during high tide. With the water levels already as close to the coast as they could be, the high winds made flooding a real possibility. Crashing waves into the coast were sure to create some flooding, but the extent to which it has been seen has been disastrous.

Another major reason why the flooding was so bad was it was during a "super moon." This phenomenon happens a few times a year when the moon becomes most visible as it is the closest to Earth in its orbit.

The result is a surge in sea levels that can cause flooding on its own.

Why are these extreme temperatures happening?

When you combine all of this together, you get flooding that turns normal streets in ice rinks overnight. It is of little solace to the owners of those homes and cars but this truly was a culmination of multiple unique weather events that combined to cause massive damage.

It will be something to consider in the coming years as rising sea levels are already threatening coastal cities and towns on both sides of the country. The flood risks are showing to be a major concern as there any many types of storms throughout the year that can cause them. Having flood insurance is a must, but there may come a time when these companies stop offering the insurance in certain areas as it becomes to costly to live there.