It is not unusual for people in the South to see snow every winter. There is more snow some years than other years. However, there is always some snow every year. People in some parts of South and Southeast Texas couldn't say that until now. They are seeing snow in their part of the state for the first time in over three decades. Some people under 32 have seen snow only on television or when they were in other states at the time of a snowfall.

Why did it snow?

All conditions were right for the snow to start. According to the National Weather Service, cold temperatures were combined with moisture from the Gulf of Mexico that resulted in an unusual snowfall from San Antonio into East Texas.

On Thursday, December 7, meteorologist Brett Williams reported that up to 2.5 inches had fallen in the area.

San Antonio ended up with a little less than two inches, and Austin received about one inch. Even so, Texans have bragging rights because Austin and San Antonio received snow before the Northeastern cities like Boston and New York. Snow in the Northeast usually comes first, and typically there is a whole lot of it.

When was the last snowfall?

The last snowfall in Texas was in January 1987. At that time, only 1.3 inches fell.

The most significant snowfall was in January 1985 when 13.2 inches were measured. It has snowed only 35 times in Houston since 1895, and the last snowfall was just an inch in December 2009.

On Friday morning (Dec. 8), Weather Service meteorologist Kevin Wagner reported that up to three inches of snow fell in the Corpus Christi area.

Since 1948, the city has had only eight days with measurable snow. The most the area had seen was on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in 2004.

Reaction to the snow

Even though it was only a dusting to an inch in some places, Texans reacted with enthusiasm to the rare snowfall. Defensive lineman J.J. Watt grew up in Wisconsin and has missed seeing snow.

He was so delighted to see snow falling in Texas where he lives now.

People were so happy to see snow that they took pictures and posted them on social media. CNN reporter Renee Santos went outside and did a happy dance while it was snowing. She said it was 80 degrees just two days before the snow came.

Families put their pets outside, and they couldn't hold the excitement as they played in the snow for the very first time. Texans are looking forward to seeing more snow this winter while those in the Northeast might not be as excited since it is something they are used to seeing every year.