Over the last week, massive protests have occurred across Iran as civilians on the ground have pushed back against a corrupt government. After the country shutdown internet access over the weekend, Donald Trump decided to speak out.

Trump on Iran

It started last week when thousands of Iranian citizens took to the streets in protest of a failing economy that has left those at the bottom of the income ladder struggling to keep up. However, the protests quickly expanded, as opposition grew to the government's overall corruption and clerical rule, with many shouting "We don't want Islamic Republic!" while women have been taking off their hijab as a sign of protest.

Under the leadership of President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran has been accused of funneling money to Islamic terrorist groups in the region, such as Syria and Yemen, while Iranians at home fight to keep food on the table. After the news broke that the internet would be cut off as a way to silence the protesters' message, Donald Trump gave his thoughts during a December 31 tweet.

In a tweet on New Year's Eve, Donald Trump addressed the news that the Iranian government cut off the internet during the protests.

"Iran, the Number One State of Sponsored Terror with numerous violations of Human Rights occurring on an hourly basis, has now closed down the Internet so that peaceful demonstrators cannot communicate," Trump tweeted, before adding, "Not good!"

Donald Trump's tweet comes just two days after his first remarks about the protests, which quickly drew mockery from critics.

Trump's statement, which was also sent out in the form of a tweet, was nearly identical to the post made by Sarah Huckabee Sanders only a few hours earlier with some accusing the commander in chief of plagiarizing his own press secretary.

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After the president made his comments about the situation in Iran, social media wasted no time firing back.

"You, yourself has attacked the free press and right to protest numerous times here in the US. Maybe this will make you think twice," one tweet read.

"Since when has Trump ever been concerned with peaceful demonstrators? The peaceful demonstrators at his rallies he wanted to 'punch them in the face.' He called the peaceful demonstrators at NFL games 'sons of bit*hes.' He doesn’t give a hamburger about Iran or its people!" Bishop Talbert Swan tweeted.

"To be fair, if they weren’t number one you’d just call them losers," Tommy Campbell sarcastically posted.

"Maybe they should just try and put protesters in jail the way you did with the people at your substandard inauguration," another tweet added. "You repealed Net Neutrality and criticized protesting football-players. Do you not see you’re just like Iran, bro," an additional tweet read.