As part of their annual year end tradition, TIME Magazine has announced their "Person of the Year." When the announcement was made, it didn't come as a surprise that Donald Trump faced some serious trolling for not claiming the top spot.

Trump on TIME

For 90 years, starting in 1927, TIME Magazine has named their "Person of the Year," giving the honor to a person or group who influenced the news the most, whether it be for a positive or negative reason. Over the years, multiple United States presidents have been at the top of the list, including Franklin D.

Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama. Several women have also been given the honor, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Queen Elizabeth II. The list has also included controversial figures like Russian President Vladimir Putin, Supreme Leader of Iran Ruhollah Khomeini, and even Adolf Hitler. Earlier this month, Donald Trump tweeted out that he was under consideration to be the 2017 TIME "Person of the Year," but ripped into the magazine for not giving him a guarantee that he would be the top pick. After the publication released the list of the finalists earlier this week, the winner was announced during the December 6 edition of "TODAY," which was met with celebration from critics of the president.

The 2017 TIME "Person of the Year" has been awarded to the "silence breakers," comprised of the the hashtag "Me Too" movement for bringing attention to sexual assault.

The "Silence Breakers" came away with the win, beating out others on a list that included Chinese President Xi Jinping, special counsel to the Russian investigation Robert Mueller, , "Wonder Woman" director Patty Jenkins, and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Donald Trump came close to repeating as the winner by finishing in second place.

Twitter reacts

In response to the "Silence Breakers" finishing ahead of the president, those who oppose Donald Trump wasted no time firing back."Trump isn’t Person of the Year, but TIME’s piece on The Silence Breakers calls Trump a ‘precipitating factor’ in the Me Too movement. “In this case, you had Harvey Weinstein, and before that you had Trump," MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin tweeted.

"President Trump's name appears in the 'Time Person of the Year' issue 8 times, and all 8 times it refers to him as an abuser of women!" another tweet read.

"Not only is Trump not Person of the Year, he is mentioned in the piece as both a harasser and a motivation to speak out," Philip Bump wrote.

"Donald Trump made it into Time’s Person of the Year issue after all: As one of the accused," Shannon Watts wrote.

"Trump must be fuming over this....the women that stood up against his sexual assaults are the person of year," yet another tweet added.

Looking ahead

While Donald Trump might not be happy with not coming away with the honors of "Person of the Year," he has many other issues on his plate as president. Over the weekend, Trump was able to celebrate as the Senate passed his controversial tax reform bill, though questions still remain on issues dealing with health care, all while the current investigation into Russian election interference moves forward.