Donald Trump decided to support the controversial candidacy of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, doing so in a personal phone call over the weekend. After Kellyanne Conway came to the president's defense, one CNN host was not having it.

Conway on CNN

Roy Moore's campaign was rocked last month when the Washington Post broke their bombshell story accusing him of engaging in sexual activity with multiple underage women, with allegations dating back to as far as 1979. The paper cited 30 sources, with even more women coming forward to accuse Moore of similar allegations.

As expected, Moore has denied the claims, accusing the paper of being part of a "liberal media" smear campaign against him. In response, the Repubican Party was split in their reaction, though Donald Trump decided to stand by Moore, leading to a personal phone call over the weekend to give his endorsement. With the election just one week away, Democratic nominee Doug Jones is holding on to a 3-point advantage over Moore, though the race is statistically tied due to the survey's margin of error. These issues were discussed during a heated interview on CNN with Kellyanne Conway on December 6.

(Part 1)

Joining host Chris Cuomo on Wednesday morning was Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway who did her best to defend Donald Trump's endorsement of Roy Moore, despite the backlash it has received.

Conway attempted to make the case that Trump is backing Moore because of his political stance, while also adding, "the president said something else that you don’t want to reflect, (Moore) has denied those allegations and the president said you have to take that into account too."

(Part 2)

When Kellyanne Conway attempted to compare the scandal surrounding Roy Moore to the sexual harassment allegations against Democratic Sen.

Al Franken, Chris Cuomo fired back, stating, "You have no standard of morality!" "The president seems to have no moral standard at play," he continued, before adding, "it's all pragmatism." Cuomo then highlighted Steve Bannon's appearance at the rally on Tuesday night, referring to him as a "pit bull," and accusing Trump of sending the Breitbart editor there to attack Mitt Romney's recent criticism of Moore.

Also during the 20-minute interview, Cuomo and Conway spared over a variety of issues, including tax reform and Trump's stance on Israel.

Moving forward

While Kellyanne Conway and others at the White House continue to defend Donald Trump and Roy Moore, the president has several other issues on his plate. With tax reform coming closer to becoming a reality, Trump is still left wondering about where the Russian investigation will lead.