Over a dozen women have come out to publicly accuse Donald Trump of various acts of sexual assault and harassment. After the president claimed he never met the women in question, photos were released to contradict his claims.

Trump and the accused

On Monday, several of the women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual assault came forward to hold a pres conference and called on congress to launch and investigation into their claims. As expected, the former host of "The Apprentice" denied the allegations, just had he had when they first surfaced in the weeks leading up to the presidential election last year.

On Tuesday morning, Trump took to Twitter to blast Democrats for backing his accusers, whose claims he referred to as "false accusations and fabricated stories." Not stopping there, Trump went on to say that the accusers were "women who I don’t know and/or have never met," while saying their stories were nothing more than "FAKE NEWS!" Despite the president's claim that he never met any of the accusers, The Hill reported on December 12 that photographic evidence shows otherwise.

In a story first broke by People Magazine, a picture was released showing Donald Trump standing with the magazine's former correspondent Natasha Stoynoff.

The picture was taken at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida back in 2005 and on the same day that the president allegedly groped Stoynoff, pushing her against a wall and forcibly kissed her.

Another photo then surfaced on Tuesday showing Donald Trump will Jill Harth, a make-up artist in New York City who accused the commander in chief of touching her against her will in the early part of the 1990s.

Harth had previously filed a lawsuit against Trump for sexual harassment, but later withdrew her complaint. In addition to Harth and Natasha Stoynoff, former contestant on "The Apprentice," Summer Zervos, has accused Trump of similar allegations, and is on video with the president during her time on the program, despite Trump saying he never met any of his accusers.

Moving forward

As of press time, the White House is pushing back against the allegations made by the accusers, with Sarah Huckabee Sanders continuing her defense of Donald Trump during Tuesday's press briefing at the White House. While it's unknown what the next step will be, over 100 Democratic members of congress, men and women, are calling for an internal investigation into the issues at hand.