On the cover of the January issue of British Vogue is the one and only, record-breaking Taylor Swift. She's inevitably left an impression on her exes, with her tradition of writing songs about them. The pop star has it all, as she has made appearances on "SNL," been the topic of controversy and been in some feuds with other stars such as Katy Perry. But, what star hasn't had a little drama in their lives?

Essentially, this will be her first magazine cover in a while. The indomitable Taylor Swift was photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for the January issue of British Vogue.

In addition, the dress she is wearing for the cover is by Saint Laurent and is a spring 2018 dress. British Vogue magazine claimed that Taylor Swift is an invincible force of nature and that she is a pop queen, who has long since transformed from a pop princess. The January edition of British Vogue will include a 12-page shoot of Taylor which was styled by the editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful.

The new Taylor

After spending much of early 2017 out of the spotlight, Taylor Swift is back in a big way. The cover also showcases Taylor in a bold and dark lipstick. What does this cover mean for Taylor? While she remains a controversial figure, Taylor Swift tackles reinvention and moving on with her cover on British Vogue.

Unlike traditional cover stories, this one does not include an interview but rather a poem by Swift, written exclusively for British Vogue. If you compare her album "Speak Now" to the cover of British Vogue, the symbology is magic. Taylor really is embracing the continued storyline of "Speak Now" on this Vogue cover.

Many thanks

Taylor took the time to thank both Edward Enninful and Mert Alas for their passion, spirit, and contagious laughter during the shoot. Mert and Marcus took the photos for British Vogue and her album photos for "Reputation," and she claimed it had been such a bonding experience working together so closely and talking so much about what they wanted to create.

At the end of the day, everyone will have their views on Taylor, but from social media, many are acclaiming this as iconic and that they love the cover photo.

She without a doubt looks stunning and brings a fierce and bold look. Evidently, the fierce look is represented in her eyes. The makeup definitely represents an edgy look and makeover for Taylor. Taylor slays in the crimson red dress on the cover and it certainly has a fairytale gone wrong vibe.