In a shocking new report, Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan is planning for his retirement following the 2018 midterm elections. Within minutes, social media users had a lot to say.

Ryan retirement

For nearly 20 years, Paul Ryan has been a mainstay in the House Of Representatives ever since being elected to represent Wisconsin's 1st congressional district in 1999. Ryan became national name in 2012 when he ran for vice president with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney on the top of a ticket. The pair ended up losing as Barack Obama and Joe Biden were re-elected for the Democrats, but that wasn't the end of Ryan's ambitions in Washington.

Following the retirement of then House Speaker John Boehner in 2015, Ryan was tapped as his replacement, a role that he's held ever since. In the two years since taking over as Speaker of the House, Ryan has often clashed with Donald Trump's agenda, causing an even greater divide on the right side of the aisle. As reported by Politico on December 14, Ryan will soon be stepping down.

First reported by Politico on Thursday afternoon, House Speaker Paul Ryan has told those close to him that he plans on walking away from Congress after the conclusion of the 2018 midterm elections.

Ryan, who is only 48, had been rumored to run for president in the near future, but that all changed with the election of Donald Trump last November.

The pressure of the job and dealing with unforeseen situations has reportedly been difficult for Paul Ryan, with Politico detailing an uncomfortable situation when the House Speaker was recently forced to call on Rep.

Trent Franks to resign after allegations were made public that he offered his female aide $5 million to be the surrogate for his baby. Two friends close to Ryan spoke out about this experience, quoting the House Speaker as saying, "I didn’t realize slitting throats was part of my job."

Twitter reacts

After the news broke that Paul Ryan could be retiring in less than a year, the story went viral on Twitter.

"Not before he destroys Social Security and Medicare. Horrible person," one tweet read.

"He knows he won't win after he cuts Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid," an additional tweet added.

"I've got a better idea - retire effective immediately," a follow-up message stated. "Because he knows his sexual misdeeds will be exposed next. Get ready, Ryan!!! You're up next on the Price is Right!" one Twitter user speculated.

"Good! He's not for the people AT ALL. Driving up deficit and cutting Medicare are hateful things to do. Screwing this generation and next. And I'm glad I won't have to look at his smirking face anymore," another social media user wrote. The backlash continued as the opposition to Paul Ryan was made clear.