It was just last week that Donald Trump called a meeting with members of his cabinet where the president made sure to gloat about what he perceives as "accomplishments" during his first year in office. During the meeting, Vice President Mike Pence went on a long speech in praise of the president, which continued during a series of new tweets this week.

Pence on Trump

After Donald Trump locked up the nomination for the Republican Party, it didn't take long before he announced then Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to be his running mate. Pence was a logical choice as the mild-mannered conservative Christian appeared to be chosen to offset the big city bravado of the former host of "The Apprentice." Due to his ties to the religious right, Pence was also picked to gain ground among Evangelicals, an area where Trump struggled early on to gain support.

Since then, Pence has kept a relatively low profile, letting Trump take the majority of the spotlight with his outspoken speeches and reckless postings on social media. However, over the last week, Pence has been mocked for his high praise of the president, which continued during a pair of tweets on December 28.

Taking to Twitter this week, Mike Pence continued his non-stop praise of Donald Trump over a variety of issues.

"The U.S. economy is already responding to @POTUS' bold actions this first year," Pence tweeted. "1.7 million new jobs, 22 regulations eliminated for every one new regulation," he wrote, before adding, "Biz/Consumer confidence at new highs" and "Largest tax cut in U.S history."

In an additional tweet posted just one day earlier, Mike Pence added to his list of compliments in regards to the commander in chief.

"In just one year, @POTUS fulfilled promise after promise," Pence claimed. "Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, Repealed the Obamacare individual mandate, 1.7 million new jobs," he tweeted. Not stopping there, Pence also listed "ISIS on the run" and the "Largest tax cut in American history" as some of the highlights of Trump's first year in office.

Quick reaction

After Mike Pence sent out his tweets summing up the last year of the Trump administration through the eyes of conservatives, those who oppose had a different view point. "Thank you President Obama for the economy. Good bye to the environment and say hello to the elite rich via the current administration," one tweet read.

"How did that work out for the Carrier employees in #Indianapolis - you and @POTUS promised they would keep their jobs," one Twitter user wrote.

"Can’t follow this man anymore. The false prophet spews nothing but lies," another Twitter user wrote in response to Mike Pence.

"Since i know you're a bible should probably consider the fact that you're lying and God doesn't look fondly upon that," yet another tweet stated. "Money can't buy everything! Greed is a sin. Money can't buy Americans clean air or water with the regulations you are gutting," a social media user wrote.