U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has launched an investigation into the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) activities under the Obama Administration, where the administration was secretly interfering with the DEA’s job in dealing with Hezbollah’s drug trafficking, in order to strike the nuclear accord agreement with Iran in 2015, WND reported.

The investigation, which was named Project Cassandra, was launched based on a report by Politico that revealed that the Obama Administration impeded the DEA from doing its job in going after drug trafficking by Hezbollah, who is strongly backed by Iran, even when Hezbollah was involved in bringing in large amounts of cocaine and possibly other illegal drugs to the U.S.

Project Cassandra investigation

Project Cassandra was initiated in 2008, shortly before Barack Obama first took office as president, when the DEA had due cause and a massive amount of evidence that Hezbollah, outside of being a known terrorist organization, had then become an international drug trafficker of cocaine, as well as weapons, and other criminal activities worldwide, in excess of $1 billion annually. Throughout the eight years of the Obama administration, DEA agents worked out of a secret DEA complex in Chantilly, Virginia, using various wiretap techniques, informants, and undercover operations, in coordination with dozens of other U.S. and foreign security agencies, to track Hezbollah’s trafficking of cocaine and their distribution networks.

Those working on Project Cassandra, when the Iranian nuclear agreement went into effect in January 2016, reportedly were reassigned, which caused the DEA as well as other U.S. government agencies to lose track of Hezbollah’s illegal cocaine operations, which, as noted previously, was a substantial network. Sessions stated that due to the Obama Administration's interference, the actions taken have caused a substantial issue regarding the protection of Americans, due to the rising illegal drug trade and use.

He went on to say that his office will evaluate the accusations and why certain matters were not appropriately indicted.

The American Center for Law and Justice statement

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) stated that the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration should be allowed to continue to investigate, and to hunt down and arrest those Hezbollah operatives and bring them to justice.

Concerning the legitimacy of the Politico report, the ACLJ stated that their report is credible, and that it amazes them that the Obama administration would ignore such activities by Hezbollah, a recognized international terrorist organization, just so they can broker a misguided nuclear agreement with Iran.

WND, quoting the Jerusalem Post, stated that after Sessions' office acquired the evidence of the wrongdoing, the Department of Justice and the Department of Treasury denied their request by way of delaying or obstructing their efforts. Lawmakers in Congress are also investigating officials associated with the Obama administration that are denying that they had any involvement in halting the Drug Enforcement Administration investigation for political reasons.