Just last week, Republicans in Congress came together to pass their Tax Bill which was then sent to Donald Trump for his signature. While most in conservative media have praised the president for the new tax reform, one host on Fox took a different approach.

Fox on Trump

During the 2016 presidential election, all 16 candidates running in the Republican primary had similar talking points when it came to the economy. Each candidate vowed to cut taxes and reduce regulations, continuing a theme that has been used by the political right for decades. Winning that argument was Donald Trump, who ended up steam rolling through the primary before pulling off the upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

With a Repubican majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, it was only a matter of time before tax reform was made a reality. Despite facing initial roadblocks and in-fighting with his fellow Republicans, Trump was able to get on the same page with enough conservatives in Congress and signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 into law. Just over a week later and one host on Fox decided to double down on her criticism, as seen during the December 28 broadcast of "The Intelligence Report" on Fox Business.

Joining host Trish Reagan on Thursday night was Fox News and Fox Business contributor and part-time host Ben Stein, with both breaking from the network's stance to attack the tax bill in question, in particular the carried interest loophole that allows private equities the ability to have their profits taxed at half the rate.

"This is what Americans rebelled against," Regan said, in regards to Donald Trump's failed promise to eliminate the rule.

"I’ve gotta tell you, I was shocked," Trish Regan told Ben Stein.

In agreement, Stein went on the attack to smear the wealthy for paying off politicians to keep their taxes low. "If they take a little tiny bit of that and pay it to the people in Washington so they can then lower their taxes, it's an incredible bargain," Stein said, before adding, "There is no greater leverage in the world than giving money to political candidates."

Double down

Trish Regan went back on the attack against Donald Trump for not keeping his campaign promise, which resulted in Ben Stein once again finding himself in agreement. "That whole private equity thing is very much of a scam," Stein said, before later commenting on how tax reform has been handled as "disgraceful."