Over the last 48 hours, wildfires have spread though Southern California, causing immeasurable damage and destruction. After First Lady Melania Trump tweeted out her thoughts, critics of the administration wasted no time lashing out.

Melania on wildfires

On Monday night in Santa Paula, California, large wildfires started and have only escalated ever since. In the last two days, five separate fires have occurred. One, known as the Thomas Fire, began in Ventura County, just north of Los Angeles, and has been the largest to date. In addition, fires have also broken out in and around north of downtown LA, close to Santa Clarita, San Bernardino, and the latest by the Skirball Cultural Center, which is located to the west of Los Angeles.

According to the USA Today, close to 90,000 acres have been burnt down, resulting in as many as 200,000 people being forced to evacuate from the impacted areas. Over 1,000 firefighters have been dispatched to attempt to contain the blaze, which is still ongoing as of press time. In response to the news, Melania Trump used her Twitter account on December 6 to offer her thoughts and well wishes.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Melania Trump brought attention to the growing wildfires in California. "Thoughts & prayers to those affected by the Wildfires In California," Melania tweeted out, before adding, "Thank you to all first responders for their heroic efforts." While the first lady's post was innocent in nature, it didn't go over well with some.

Instant reaction

Not long after Melania Trump sent out her tweet, many were quick to fire back despite the message's innocent details. "Thoughts and prayers don’t work, I’ve been thinking and praying your husband would resign for almost a yr," one tweet read.

"Thought and prayers don't work. Help them. Not the way you helped PR, or Texas.

U should be ashamed," a Twitter user wrote. "Soooo...WHO ACTUALLY MAKES THESE TWEETS UP?," another tweet wondered. "Thoughts and prayers to the women who were harassed by your husband @realDonaldTrump but beat him for his ego-imagined title, Person of the Year," yet another social media user posted.

"How about some thoughts and prayer for the women your husband abused including his first and second wives and probably you too," an additional tweet stated. The negative reaction to Melania Trump's tweet continued to pour in as the opposition to the White House showed no signs of slowing down anytime soon.