One of the biggest stories of 2015 was when Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis refused to OK marriage licenses to same-sex couples, citing her faith as a Christian for her opposition. With Davis looking to run for re-election, one of the men who was denied a license has decided to run against her.

Davis challenged

One of the ongoing political issues in 2017 continues to be the fight over religion. The issue is typically split down partisan party lines, with Republicans and conservatives taking the side of the religious, and Democrats and liberals supporting a more secular approach to governing.

While these issues are often fought on a national level, many times they are highlighted in small town communities with the local governments fighting it out. In 2015, Rowan County clerk in Kentucky, Kim Davis, made headlines by using her Christian beliefs to refuse the applications of multiple same-sex couples. The story became national news, with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee coming out in support of Davis during a rally. Davis stood her ground to the point that she was briefing arrested and put in jail, before being used as an example for Republican politicians to promote their message of religious freedom. With Davis set to run for re-election, The Hill reported on December 6 that she will face a surprising challenger.

Kim Davis is set to run for re-election to continue on as Rowan County Clerk, a job she has held since 2014, but will have to face the challenge of David Ermold. What makes Ermold's campaign unique is that he was one of the gay men that Davis' denied a marriage licence to back in 2015.

Ermold ended up marrying his partner in a different county after the debacle with Davis, and is fired up to challenge her for the position as county clerk.

"My commitment to Rowan County is to restore professional leadership, fairness, and responsibility to the clerk's office," David Ermold said.

"The county clerk’s office has been in the hands of the same family for almost 35 years," he pointed out, stating, "it should not be something that’s handed down from mother to daughter and from daughter to son." As of press time, Davis has not responded for comment.

Next up

While Kim Davis awaits the challenge of a man she refused to give her stamp of approval for a marriage license, the issue of religious freedom is also taking stage in the Supreme Court. This week the SCOTUS began hearing arguments involving a Christian baker who cited his faith in opposition to making a wedding cake for a gay couple.