It isn't often that we see final examinations being broadcasted on highly rated TV networks like Fox News, despite claims of fake news which have been trending quite lately. Regardless, on "Tucker Carlson Tonight", were two prominent news journalists in a game where they both had to answer a short series of questions using the old-fashioned, timeless buzzer game show where the host, Brian Kilmeade, asks a question and the one to respond the fastest gets the opportunity to answer. While this may give some people retro flashbacks and nostalgia for old times, here the topic was fresh where it consisted of events that happened in 2017.

Yes, that year, you heard it right, since it's not over yet!

Who are the contestants?

The contestants were Lisa Boothe, Founder and President of High Noon Strategies and a top Fox News contributor, and Mark Steyn, a bestselling author and Canadian human rights activist. Both contestants are remarkable in their areas of interest and they perform their jobs stupendously since both entities are well-known throughout a multitude of media outlets locally and internationally. Remarkable as that may be, the grass is always greener on the other side.

When the host Kilmeade introduces the start of the game show, the contestants seem friendly and warm at the beginning, however, after the explanation of the rules, Steyn remarks upon Kilmeade's previous experience with this game show, that being that he lost quite badly.

This whether intended or not, it seemed like a fine roast between fellow journalists, but the host was noticeably piqued and continued the game with an all too familiar cheery expression.

How did the final exam go?

The events varied from Donald Trump's tweets to the touchy topic of firing a person due to their name resembling an infamous officer in the Civil War.

Steyn answered the first question correctly, after an attempt to answer the same question without waiting until the host was finished, giving him a well-deserved point to his score, however, no winning streaks were finalized in this exam.

The following questions had both contestants anticipating the end of the host's questions which wasn't marked by anything definitive except the pause of his breath. Regardless, Steyn and Boothe fought hard for these points to which near the end of the 2nd half of the segment, the two were tied.

Everyone remained cheery until the final moment after Lisa had answered faster than Steyn and received the final winning point for the correct answer. Both the host and Booth seemed quite happy with the results, which was interrupted by another friendly roast by Steyn towards Kilmeade, attempting to make light of his loss. Despite the repetition of his roasting, Kilmeade ends the examination with another all too familiar cheery smile. Ouch.