It is the dream of every business to go viral in social media, but not every business can do this and that too without even spending a single penny. But Wendy’s has done this expertly. It has become an inspiration for many hospitality businesses after it gained a massive increase in its Twitter followers.

Wendy’s has seen a 35% increase in its Twitter followers

These days Wendy’s has become the talk of the town and making headlines in the hospitality sector for its new creative social media approach, particularly for its remarkable tweets. It has slightly changed its business tone on Twitter and people are really appreciating its playful tweets.

At one point, Wendy’s has even helped one of its followers solving his math problem. Basically, this food giant has decided to show itself as a personality and Twitter users have really loved this new strategy of Wendy’s. This has helped Wendy’s increase its Twitter followers by 35% in less than a month.

It all begins with a roast

It was certainly not a planned strategy. In fact, it just happened naturally. When Wendy’s tweeted an image of one of their burgers and recited that they serve fresh beef, never frozen. One shady Twitter user noticed their tweet and replied that their beef is frozen, to which Wendy’s clarified it in a friendly way. But the incredulous user was not convinced with Wendy’s response, so this food giant replied with another simple question.When the skeptical user found he was losing the fight, he signed off after making a comment on their “dope ass breakfast.” And the actual magic happened after that.

He tried to take the support of their competitor McDonald's, but Wendy’s reply roasted him badly. The online community loved the sharp-witted tweets of this fast food restaurant. In fact, more than 10,000 people retweeted it.

Afterward, supportive fans tweeted with proof of how much they appreciate the tweets of this giant fast food restaurant.

Wendy’s has not just gained sales with this new tone that they have adopted in their tweets, but the number of followers that they have gained is the main highlight. The first roast was just the beginning.

The game began with a series of cleverest tweets that made Wendy’s Twitter account go viral.