Just days after Christmas and high-profiled conservative Christian leaders have continued to praise Donald Trump for his stance on faith. After hosting the president's "spiritual adviser" over the weekend, Fox News brought on Rev. Franklin Graham to double down.

Graham on Trump

During the 2016 presidential election and since his inauguration, Donald Trump has taken time to focus on ending the so-called "War on Christmas" that many conservatives highlight during the holiday season. The religious right claim that secular liberals and Democrats are trying to phase out Christmas and the phrase "Merry Christmas" in an alleged attack on Christianity.

While no credible evidence has been presented to back up the allegations, the issue is a hot topic at the end of each year. On Christmas, Fox News interviewed Paula White, Donald Trump's "spiritual adviser," who praised the president for his handling of faith in America. As seen on the December 28 broadcast of "Fox & Friends," the controversial Rev. Franklin Graham was there to give similar sediments.

While joining the hosts of "Fox & Friends" on Thursday morning, Franklin Graham was asked about how Donald Trump has presented himself to the faith-based community.

"What I appreciate about Donald Trump is that he's not a politician and he's not in anyone's pocket," Graham said.

"He has felt free to come out and defend the Christian faith and I appreciate that about him," Franklin Graham went on to say. "He has prayer with his cabinet. He asks people to pray for him. He's not afraid to mention Jesus' name in public," he continued.

When asked what the president hasn't been able to do, Graham quickly went to a defensive talking point. "Oh, I cant comment on what he hasn't done. There's so much that he wants to do but he gets blocked. He gets stopped. There's political dysfunction in Washington and that's why I encourage people to pray," the Reverend added.

Instant reaction

Following Franklin Graham's comments, critics of the president were quick to chime in. "Really? When he isn't groping women?" one tweet mockingly asked.

"With 'friends' like Trump, Jesus doesn't need enemies.

A guy who routinely lies, cheats, risks nuclear war, lives for greed & vanity, preys on women, tolerates racism and increases income inequality so he can benefit- really has chutzpah calling himself Christian," another tweet added. "@realDonaldTrump is not a Christian. He says he defends the religion because that's what his base wants to hear," one Twitter user stated.

"This is laughable.

American Christian Churches have become scam organizations hiding pedophiles, money laundering, racially motivated weaponized politics," an additional tweet noted. "@Franklin_Graham do you love all of God’s children or is just Trump voters. We only see you on Fox News," yet another tweet read.