As Republicans move forward in voting for their controversial Tax Bill, the consensus in conservative media is that the plan is a positive one. Despite this narrative, at least one host on Fox isn't too pleased with it.

Fox on Trump

On Tuesday afternoon, the House of Representatives appeared to have voted to pass the Tax Cuts And Jobs Act by a 227-203 vote, mostly going down party lines. The bill is the biggest overhaul of the American tax system since the days of Ronald Reagan back in the 1980s. While Republicans and President Donald Trump has praised the plan, saying it will give businesses and entrepreneurs more of an insensitive to create jobs in the country, critics point to the bill actually raising taxes on the middle class over time, while also noting that it could add as much as $1.7 trillion to the national debate over the next decade.

The reaction from the majority of the mainstream media has been mostly negative, with more conservative outlets like Fox News having a predictably more favorable view of the bill in question. Despite this, one host on Fox Business Network is breaking from the company's support of the bill to give her own thoughts.

As the passing of the Republican tax bill in the House of Representatives was about to get started, Fox Business Network host Trish Regan decided to lash out against the details of the plan and expose some of its worst aspects. "It’s great for corporations" Reagan said, before adding, "It’s also great for a lot of fat cat private equity investors and there is something wrong with that."

"Stephen Schwarzman (CEO of Blackstone Group) who has made over $400 million in one year, and percentage wise, his tax bracket will be lower than a New York City cop," Trish Regan explained, before calling out Donald Trump for reneging on his promise to fix the issue of CEOs paying little in taxes.

“Those private equity fat cats get away with paying investment taxes instead of income taxes and that is just wrong," Trish Reagan continued on, while pondering "if our country is becoming ungovernable." In closing, the Fox Business host went on to state that the founding fathers "never anticipated a swamp" like the current state of politics in Washington.


After the House of Representatives thought to have passed the tax bill on Tuesday, it was found that the bill in question violated several Senate rules and was unable to move forward. In response, a new vote was scheduled for Wednesday and only time will tell how it all plays out in congress.