The House Of Representatives passed the controversial Republican Tax Bill on Tuesday, clearing path for a vote to take place later in the day in the Senate. In response, Donald Trump decided to give his thoughts on social media.

Trump on tax bill

One of the big talking points used by every Republican politician is their promise to help cut taxes. During the entire 2016 election, Donald Trump vowed to follow through on his plans for taxes, vowing to do so in line with what Ronald Reagan had put in place in the 1980s. In recent months, Trump and Republicans in congress have come together to put forward their own plan on taxes, though opposition has been strong from their Democratic opponents.

In addition, the consensus in the media and from non-partisan studies have shown the plan will add $1.7 trillion to the national debt over the next decade, while primarily focusing on giving tax breaks to the wealthy. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted 227-203 in favor of passing the bill to the Senate, which received praise from Trump during a tweet on December 19.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump was happy that his tax bill is making progress in congress.

"Congratulations to Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Kevin Brady, Steve Scalise, Cathy McMorris Rodgers and all great House Republicans who voted in favor of cutting your taxes!" Trump tweeted out. The bill is now scheduled to be voted on in the Senate where Republicans are expected to have enough support to move it to the president's desk.

Twitter erupts

Following Donald Trump's tweet about the tax bill passing through the House of Representatives, the opposition was out in full force. "You just signed the death warrant of the Republican Party.

The @GOP will fall in 2018. Prepare yourself for a Blue Tidal Wave... we're coming!" one tweet read.

"Donald, you accidentally tweeted this out to everyone, instead of just your wealthy friends and family," another tweet added.

"Biggest con of all time. Runs for president so he can have his own taxes lowered," a Twitter user wrote.

"Cool. Now why don't you explain how the lowest brackets will end up paying thousands in taxes by 2022?" a tweet wondered. "At times like these, I like to picture a soothing scene. Today’s is you dying alone in a federal prison," yet another post stated. The negative reactions continued to pour in as the opposition to the tax bill grew with every new tweet.