Only seven weeks after surviving the mass shooting in Las Vegas on October 1, Roy McClellan died as he was hitchhiking approximately 50 miles away from home. The 52-year-old, who survived the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay hotel and casino massacre, was killed as a result of a hit-and-run on November 17, according to the Washington Post.

Denise McClellan learned of her husband’s death after she posted to Facebook, asking that people tell her if they had seen her husband, whose incoming phone calls went straight to his voice mail, according to the Post. She hadn’t seen her husband, Roy, for days when she turned to social media to ask about him.

McClellan was in the southern Nevada town of Pahrump when he was killed. At roughly 2 AM he and a friend had a fight and McClellan left. His wife didn’t hear from him again, according to the Post.

Las Vegas shooting survivor struck by Camaro, driver fled

As he was hitchhiking on Highway 160, he was struck by a Chevrolet Camaro, the Nevada Highway Patrol stated, CNN reported. The vehicle fled the scene, but law enforcement authorities have located the car. Charges are pending against the driver who fled.

McClellan’s wife described feeling angry to News 3 (KSNV). She shared her suspicion is that the driver was “under the influence” of alcohol or drugs and “didn’t want to get caught.” Regardless, she stated, her husband didn’t deserve to have someone leave him in the street.

Couple at concert when Mandalay Bay shooting melee erupted

Denise and her husband, Roy, were at the October 1 concert when gunfire and bullets rained from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Though her husband could have fled to shield himself from the hail of bullets, he helped people on his way to safety, the Post noted.

He also assisted in transporting people to the hospital, she said.

McClellan’s wife described him as someone who “loved helping people.” After the mass shooting, which also resulted in the shooter’s death, McClellan was in therapy, according to Denise, who also added, “It was really messing with his head,” according to KSNV.

The troubling aspect is why he didn’t die as a result of the massacre but was killed shortly over a month later, she stated. Denise is hoping that her husband is at peace and commented that he is safe now, KSNV relayed.

In the weeks since the mass shooting, which claimed around 60 lives and left hundreds injured, additional people who survived the massacre and later died of different causes include Kymberley Suchomel, 28, of Apple Valley, CA. She died on October 9, according to the Victorville, CA, Daily Press.

Her grandmother told news organizations that she believes that her granddaughter might have died in her sleep. She explained that Suchomel had epilepsy accompanied by seizures. She also had a pituitary tumor for which she was taking medication, according to the Daily Press.

In addition to McClellan and Suchomel dying within weeks after the mass shooting, Dennis Carver, 52, and Lorraine Carver, 53, of Riverside, CA, died following an October 16 car crash “less than a mile from their home,” CNN reported. The couple died after their Mercedes hit a metal gate and pillars.

The Carvers’ daughters, Madison, 16, and Brooke, 20, told news agencies that they felt “some peace” knowing their parents died at the same time. “They couldn’t live without each other,” Madison said, according to CNN.

On the GoFundMe account created to help McClellan’s family, his wife posted yesterday that while she is having a difficult time following Roy’s death, and feels overwhelmed, she knows “he’s in heaven,” which provides her with some comfort.