One of the biggest stories in American politics has involved Roy Moore and the sexual assault allegations against him. As new information continues to be released, the White House is looking for ways to deflect, including Kellyanne Conway blaming the media.

Moore scandal

It seemed like a sure thing for Republicans to win the upcoming special election to fill the vacant senate seat in Alabama. After Roy Moore won the GOP nomination over Donald Trump-endorsed Luther Stranger, Democratic nominee Doug Jones didn't seem to have much of a chance in the traditionally red state.

However, earlier this month the New York Times broke a story claiming that Moore had attempted to engage in sexual activity with at least four underage women, dating back to as far as 1979. As expected, Moore has denied the allegations, and despite push back from top GOP leaders to drop out of the race, appears to be staying in and standing his ground. Since the report in the New York Times, several other women have come forward to accuse Moore of sexual assault, with one even providing her high school year book that was allegedly signed by the senate hopeful. The issue has been a hot topic across cable news, much to the chagrin of Kellyanne Conway who decided to target a host on MSNBC during a series of tweets on November 16.

While joining Fox News on Thursday morning, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway spoke out about the coverage cable news has been giving to the Roy Moore scandal, while complaining that they haven't been focusing on other issues, including Donald Trump's tax reform plan.

"The mainstream media want to talk about this issue (Moore)," Conway said of the scandal, before adding that they are "not telling Americans what's in the tax plan for them."

CNN host Brian Stelter pointed this out on his Twitter account, which quickly got a reaction from MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle.

"This is untrue @KellyannePolls," Ruhle tweeted out. "EVERY SINGLE DAY I cover tax reform on @MSNBC & EVERY DAY @WhiteHouse turns down my requests for interviews with ANYONE working on it," Ruhle continued, while stating, "THIS IS A LIE."

Conway responds

In response, Kellyanne Conway wasted no time firing back. "It is true that Moore issue dominates coverage across MSM. Just own it. You led your MSNBC show with it," Conway tweeted. "You are on your 14th minute of just this topic. (#AlFranken anyone?) How many reporters are in Alabama v. visiting small businesses about #taxcuts today?" she wondered.

In a follow-up tweet, Kellyanne Conway pointed out that she spoke out against sexual harassment in the past, once again calling out Stephanie Ruhle while attaching an article from Breitbart as her reference. "P.S. @sruhle: when next we visit, let's talk why it took a year to discuss this on Cap Hill, Hollywood, MSM; I started convo on @MSNBC," she wrote.