It was just last week when special counsel Robert Mueller filed the first round of charges in the Russian investigation. While three names have already been made public, it appears that another is about to be announced.

Flynn and Russia

Not long after Donald Trump announced his plan to run for president back in June 2015, questions were raised as to how his private business history would impact his potential presidency. As the months moved on, speculation grew about Trump's potential ties to Russia, as the former host of "The Apprentice" would refrain from criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin on the campaign trail.

In addition, Trump became the first major presidential candidate to keep his tax returns hidden from the public, which caused other red flags to pop up. As expected, Trump has denied any wrongdoing, claiming that any allegations that say he colluded with Russia are just "fake news." Following his upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last November, several well-respected news outlets and government reports have concluded that Russia hacked the 2016 election, and did so with the goal of helping Trump get into the White House. Since then, an investigation has been underway in an attempt to get to the bottom of what took place, with Robert Mueller being brought on board over the summer as special counsel.

As reported by NBC News on November 5, yet another former member of the current administration could soon be indicted.

According to a bombshell report by NBC News on Sunday morning, former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is expected to be feeling the heat shortly.

The report notes that federal investigators now have enough information to file charges against Flynn and his son, Michael Flynn Jr, for allegedly secretly meeting with Russian officials.

Last week, former campaign manager Paul Manafort and his assistant Rick Gates were indicted, but have since pleaded not guilty.

However, former campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, has pleaded guilty to lying to authorities on the matter at hand. While Donald Trump and the White House have not yet offered a comment on the potential charges against Flynn, it didn't stop critics on social media from sounding off.

Twitter reacts

Not long after the news broke that Michael Flynn and his son could soon be charged in the Russian investigation, those who oppose Donald Trump wasted no time firing back. "A little over a year ago Michael Flynn was shouting "lock her up", and now he is going to be charged with a crime. Life comes at you fast," one tweet read.

"How great is it that Michael Flynn who lead a lock her up chant at a rally is now about to go to jail.

KARMA YOU TRAITOROUS MOTHERF***er," another tweet added. "Michael Flynn will definitely turn on Trump to save his despicable son. Time to celebrate another," one Twitter user wrote.

"They can trash Hillary, but Mr. 'Lock her up' is next up 4 indictment.

Every 1 of them projected their own guilt on the woman," yet another tweet pointed out. "Michael Flynn is about to get his “wish “ … but instead of lock her up - 'Hillary Clinton'.. he is about to be locked up," a Twitter user stated. The backlash continued as the pressure mounts on Donald Trump and his current and former associates.