As Donald Trump takes part in his longest foreign trip since becoming president, First Lady Melania Trump decided to tweet along with her husband. After expressing their enthusiasm about the trip to Asia, critics of the administration wasted no time firing back.

Melania on Twitter

Ever since Donald Trump was sworn into office following his upset win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, he's faced massive amounts of criticism from the majority of the media and his political opponents. Despite accusing the press of a biased attack against him, the overwhelming majority of the American people believe that Trump is the cause of his own problems.

One issue that many appear to have a problem with is the way the former host of "The Apprentice" handles foreign conflicts, in addition to how he presents himself on social media. From the early days of his campaign for president, Trump used Twitter as a way to bypass the traditional media that often held his feet to the fire. While doing so, Trump has badmouthed many of his opponents in Washington, in the media, and in Hollywood, but has also lashed out at various world leaders. As Trump set off for a 13-day trip to Asia, Melania Trump and the president both gave their thoughts during a pair of November 4 tweets as they landed in Japan.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday afternoon, Melania Trump seemed enthusiastic about joining Donald Trump in Asia over the next two weeks.

"On the way to Asia," Melania tweeted prior to take-off. "I am looking forward to seeing Mrs. Abe, First Lady Kim and Madame Peng again!" she added, while using the hashtag "#FLOTUSinAsia."

As the first couple was about to land at the Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan, Donald Trump announced their arrival on his own Twitter feed.

"I am landing shortly," Trump tweeted out, stating, "Can’t wait to be with our GREAT MILITARY. See you soon!"

Twitter reacts

Not long after touching down in Japan, those who oppose Donald Trump decided to speak out in opposition to himself and Melania Trump.

"Donald Trump will get to Japan and ask where the best Chinese buffet is at," one tweet humorously read.

"Did you hear today, both George Bushes had some very unkind words for you?" another tweet pointed out, in reference to the recent criticism from George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. In a follow-up tweet, the same Twitter user asked, "Can you explain why Jared Kushner went to Saudi Arabia last week and today you try encouraging the IPO to take place here?

Are you getting paid for this deal?"

"I can't wait for you to be with our Great Special Counsel sitting before a Jury of your peers," another Twitter user wrote, while adding, "I am about 500% sure that you will be making a fool of yourself within hours." "Please tell your husband to not embarrass America!" one tweet wrote in response to Melania Trump.

"Please continue to promote your anti-cyberbullying campaign.

You'll be seated next to the biggest cyber bully on the planet on Air Force 1," yet another Twitter user wrote back to the first lady. "What was the name of the Madame that ran the bordello you worked in when you lived in Slovenia?" a tweet rhetorically asked Melania. As the negative reaction continued to pour in, it was clear that many Americans were not going to hold back their thoughts as the president kicks off his foreign trip.