GOP Senator Jeff flake, (Ariz.), whose Republican colleague in the Senate, Bob Corker, (Tenn.), is preparing to hold hearings on President Donald Trump's power to unilaterally launch a nuclear war, was overheard stating that the Republican Party is "toast." The incendiary remarks were made by Flake to Mesa, Arizona Mayor John Giles, (R), on Friday evening. When making the eyebrow-raising comments, Flake was referring to the damage done to the GOP by President Donald Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, both of whom are Republicans with their own issues.

Roy Moore's issues

Roy Moore's issues center around the fact that several women accused him of sexual assault when they minors over 30 years ago. All of the women claim that Moore sexually abused them when they were under the age of consent, which was 16 at the time that the alleged incidents occurred. One of the women also claimed that Moore gave her alcohol and then molested her.

GOP attacks on Moore have escalated since news of the allegations was released. In retribution for calls for him to step down and abandon the Senate race, Moore asked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to "resign."

Donald Trump's issues

In Trump's case, the issues are many. First of all, there are several women who had alleged that when he was a billionaire businessman in New York City, that Trump groped them and sexually assaulted them.

Trump has steadfastly denied the charges.

The second major issue involving the President has been his racist remarks that he made during the campaign and as President. The remarks made have been directed at Hispanics, Muslims, Syrians, African-Americans, and others. Trump has repeatedly stated that his remarks are not racist but to no avail.

Trump's third major issue has been his predisposition to lash out at people on Twitter. Overall, Trump's propensity to attack those who dare to exercise their First Amendment right to criticize him has ignited people's anger in all corners of the globe. Despite repeated promises to "behave," Trump has continued to use Twitter as a 140-word attack weapon.

This has reflected adversely on the GOP.

Party of Trump and Moore

As Flake described the situation, the GOP is in danger of becoming "the party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump," according to ABC News on Sunday. Flake did not mince words as he stated that if, in fact, the GOP does become the party of Moore and Trump, that the Republican Party "is toast."

The Arizona Senator, who has announced that he will not run for re-election to the Senate in 2018, did not stipulate if he is contemplating leaving the Republican Party if the Party does, in fact, become "toast." However, Mayor Giles asked Flake to run for President in 2020. Giles concluded his remarks by stating directly to Flake, "Anyway, I hope you do it," according to ABC News on Sunday.