The revelations about the sexual escapades of Harvey Weinstein have opened a hornet’s nest, and Kevin Spacey and Louis CK are the latest additions. This salacious news is being reported by most of the media around the world. Now allegations have been leveled against the famous Actor Sylvester "Rocky" Stallone. It is alleged that he along with his bodyguard Mike de Luca, assaulted a 16-year-old girl in the Hilton Hotel. Stallone had denied the charges, which date back to 1986 when he was promoting his film “Over the Top” in Las Vegas. This news was reported by BBC.

A global star

Sylvester Stallone is a worldwide star who is famous for having acted in the “Rocky” series. He has been one of the top stars of Hollywood for decades, but so far there have been no allegations of impropriety against him. However, MailOnline has claimed he along with his bodyguard enticed a 16-year-old fan into committing an improper act. The mail claims that it has been able to obtain a copy of the police report, which clearly states that the incident took place.

Much water has flown down from that period. The bodyguard of the star Mike De Luca was shot dead by the police in California about four years back. The girl now a grown-up woman has claimed that Stallone threatened her if she ever spoke about it.

She has said that she was too ashamed to report this incident and press charges. Maybe her thinking at that time was a little colored as she was a fan of the star.

The incident

As per the police report, the unnamed woman was staying with her family at the Hilton Hotel. She was given the keys to a room by the bodyguard. She entered the room and was accosted by Stallone and later the bodyguard as well.

It is reported that no charges were pressed and no action was taken.

Stallone has denied the allegations and has referred to them as “ridiculous” and “categorically false” as reported by the BBC. However, Mail online has published the police report which dates from 1986. It is not explained how the news magazine got hold of the police report.

Stallone in denial mode

Stallone ‘s name is now added to the list of men who have been predators on young women. The latest is Roy Moore who is running for a seat in the Senate.Charges of incidents that took place 40 years back have come to the fore.The British DS Micheal Fallon has also had to resign on similar allegations.

Stallone has expressed surprise at the allegations. His spokeswoman has categorically denied them. But the mail has said that retired LasVegas Metropolitan Police Department detective sergeant Samlovitch, has vouchsafed the veracity of the police report.