Tennessee GOP Senator Bob Corker, who, along with Bill Bradley, stated that Trump is taking the nation down the path to World War III, will be holding a hearing on the President's ability to launch a nuclear war. This will be the first hearing on Presidential powers to launch nuclear attacks since 1976 when Gerald Ford was in office. Not only will the hearings look into the Presidents' power to utilize nuclear weapons, but it also will examine the President's "authority" to execute that power. Corker has been highly critical of Trump's threats to wage "fire and fury" against North Korea and to incinerate the small, beleaguered nation.

Corker stated that a number of parties have approached him and questioned Trump's war-making powers and that his hearing is an attempt to address those concerns.

Preemptive strikes

In January 2017, Senator Edward Markey, (D-Mass.), and Rep. Ted Lieu, (D-Calif.), introduced legislation that would prevent Trump and future Presidents from launching preemptive nuclear attacks. Since then, Trump has engaged in a war of words with Kim Jong Un, the despotic leader of North Korea. In addition to promising to attack North Korea with "fire and fury," Trump has stated that the United States has readily available "military solutions" and that its military is "locked and loaded." Additionally, Trump has promised that if provoked, the United States will "totally destroy" North Korea.

Congress to have some say

Corker stated that in response to concerns from fellow members of the House and Senate, that he and his colleagues have been looking into ways to give Congress "some say" over decisions on whether or not to launch nuclear attacks. It is not yet clear how the "Congressional say" over such matters would be implemented, or how much authority Congress would have in the decision-making process regarding nuclear attacks.

However, there is no doubt that Congress would prefer to have the ability to influence the outcome of such decisions.

Anyone would care

Corker told NPR that he has cared about this issue ever since Donald Trump assumed office as President. As the Tennessee Senator stated, anybody "who cares about our nation" would have concerns.

Corker has announced that he will not be running for re-election to the United States Senate and he has not ruled out a Presidential run in 2020.

Twitter reactions to Corker's hearing

For the most part, reaction to the news that Corker is holding hearings on the President's authority to launch nuclear attacks was mixed.

CNBC announced that the hearings will be taking place and suggested that Corker is taking his criticisms of Trump "to a new level":

The Washington Times stated that the hearings are "long overdue:"

Don Bongino suggested that the Senate hold hearings on Corker's ability to hold hearings

Joe Page Pagliarulo stated that high-profile Republicans who criticize Trump are helping the "other side."

The Palmer Report discussed a wide range of problems that the GOP is having, including the Corker hearing: