Kentucky GOP House Speaker Jeff Hoover resigned his post as Speaker on Sunday when inappropriate, illicit text messages from him to a female staffer were uncovered. The victim has alleged that Hoover’s text messages constituted sexual harassment.

The disgraced Kentucky House Speaker has admitted to having sent inappropriate text messages to the female staffer; however, he denies that he committed sexual harassment in so doing. Hoover did label the text messages he sent as "banter that was consensual;" but he denied that he engaged in any sort of "unwelcome or unwanted" behavior of any kind.

Case was to have been settled

Allegedly, the matter had been settled and all involved parties, including the victim, had agreed to drop it. Under the terms of the agreement, the female staffer was to keep her job, the settlement was to have been kept confidential and nobody was to have admitted to any wrongdoing of any kind. However, a local Kentucky newspaper learned of the agreement and published the story. Hoover was forced to resign as House Speaker in disgrace. However, he intends to remain a member of the Kentucky House, at least for the time being.

Others named by the victim

Three high-ranking House committee chairmen also were named as perpetrators by the victim. The committee chairs include Brian Linder, Michael Meredith, and Jim DeCesare.

Hoover's chief of staff, Ginger Wills, also was identified by the victim as having been involved; however, the nature of her involvement was not revealed. Speaking anonymously, a legislative official confirmed the names of the other involved parties as accurate.

Another Kentucky GOP politician also had problems over the weekend.

Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul was tackled and injured by a neighbor while mowing his lawn. Although the exact motive of the attack is not yet known, Paul has admitted to having an ongoing dispute with the neighbor, who is a physician.

Twitter rants about Hoover

Twitter burst with rants after it was learned that Hoover was planning to resign as Speaker.

Amy McGrath stated that all one can expect from the GOP is crickets in the aftermath of Hoover's resignation:

Bluegrass Politics revealed that the alleged victim of Hoover's illicit texts felt "isolated" from others and that she was "basically put on paid suspension:"

Jacob Payne described Hoover as a "hypocritical monster:"

Wesley Morgan called for Hoover to resign immediately:

Trump's problems with Republicans

Meanwhile, GOP President Donald Trump is having his own problems with fellow Republicans.

In addition to having to deal with complaints about him from increasing numbers of GOP Senators, Trump is being labeled a "blowhard" by Former President George H.W. Bush. Additionally, three members of his team have been indicted on criminal charges, one of whom already has pleaded guilty.

It is unknown if Trump viewed Hoover's televised resignation speech for pointers.