Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson is “satisfied” that condemned killer Jack Greene is mentally “competent to be executed,” the Newton County Times reported. Governor Hutchinson relayed his decision on Friday, assuring that he reviewed statements by mental health experts, transcripts, documents, and the video of the clemency hearing held by state’s parole board on October 4.

The governor further stated that Greene, 62, understands that he is slated for execution on November 9 for the 1991 murder he committed, killing Sidney Jethro Burnett, a retired pastor.

In offering his opinion, Governor Hutchinson also pointed out that Greene discussed “why” he decided to murder Sidney Burnett, only days after also killing his own brother.

“I am satisfied,” the governor noted, “that the Supreme Court’s standards have been met,” the Times relayed. He also said that he will stay on top of “any additional relevant facts” as Greene’s death date approaches this week.

Governor’s decision weighed mental health experts’ statement

According to the condemned inmate’s lawyers, their client suffers psychotic delusions. As a result of the attention that the case has garnered, a sum of 28 mental health experts wrote Governor Hutchison, claiming that executing the killer is “morally and ethically wrong.”

The governor’s decision follows the determination made by the state’s parole board on October 4, after hearing Greene’s plea for clemency.

The board voted unanimously to reject granting the killer a reprieve.

Judge rejected killer’s challenge to Arkansas law

Additionally, Judge Jodi Raines Dennis, Jefferson County Circuit Court in Arkansas, rejected a lawsuit on Friday that was filed by attorneys for the convicted murderer. The killer’s lawyers sought to challenge a state law that allows top ranking Arkansas prison officials the authority to decide “an inmate’s mental competency,” 40/29 News reported.

Judge Dennis ruled that the constitutionality of the state’s law has been upheld by the Arkansas Supreme Court, 40/29 News wrote. In addition, Judge Dennis stated that she does not have “the power” to grant Greene a stay of execution. The next course of action for his lawyers is to file an appeal with the state’s highest court.

Condemned inmate’s federal defender seeks to assure execution not unconstitutional

Scott Braden is an assistant federal defender who is representing the condemned killer. Braden also released a statement on Friday.

Braden asserts that the nation’s high court has determined that death row inmates, such as his client, “must have access to a competency hearing.” Such a hearing is overseen by “neutral decision makers,” CorrectionsOne reported. The aim of the U.S. Supreme Court’s finding, according to Braden, is to make sure an execution is not unconstitutional.

Death row inmate wants his head removed, ‘transported’ to medical examiner

Greene’s last will and testament specifies that the killer wants his head surgically removed, NBC News noted.

Once his head is detached, the condemned inmate also wants it “transported out of state,” so an independent medical examiner can study his brain. The caliber of examiner Greene denotes is one “such as Dr. Jan Garavaglia,” who is featured on a reality program.

John Williams, another of Greene’s federal public defenders, told NBC on Friday that his client insisted on dictating his post-mortem instructions. “He wants to prove all the injuries,” William said. Greene believes the state’s Department of Corrections caused his alleged dementia, according to Williams. NBC called Dr. Garavaglia on Friday, yet she declined to comment on the condemned killer’s request.