Donald Trump and his relationship with Fox News has not been a secret as the network has been accused of bias in favor of the Commander In Chief. On Saturday night, one host decided to welcome the president's youngest fan to help push the administration's agenda.

Fox News on Trump

Since the day Donald Trump announced his plan to run for president back in June 2015, it didn't take long for the majority of the mainstream media to go on the attack against him. While the former host of "The Apprentice" has engaged in a war of worlds with the press for the better part of the last two and a half years, Fox News has been there to soften the blow and become Trump's political safe space.

Since winning the election last November, Trump has amped up his attack on the most of media, while taking time to praise Fox News for their coverage. As seen during the November 25 edition of "Water's World," host Jesse Waters interviewed a grade-school boy who claims to be the president's youngest fan.

Joining host Jesse Waters on Saturday night was 10-year-old Jacob Silva, who first made headlines last year when he appeared at Donald Trump's presidential inauguration. Silvia has been dubbed Trump's youngest and biggest fan, and aspires to be just like the commander in chief.

On the issue of immigration reform, Silva was pleased with the job Trump has done so far, though he didn't give too many details. "I think he has done great. Illegal immigrants aren't pouring into our country as much anymore," the boy said.

When the issue of Donald Trump's proposed plan on taxes was brought up, Jacob Silva once again doubled down with his support.

"I think lowering taxes would really help," Silva said, before adding, "It would put more money in the hands of Americans and we would be able to buy more things that we would need." "Right now our taxes are high and I know that President Donald Trump is working on that," he added.

Not stopping there, Donald Trump's 10-year-old super fan commented on the president's recent trip to Asia, while making sure to compliment the job he's done dealing with North Korea.

"He's making good relationships with countries overseas, and that's good because we need countries that are in our support that could help us in bad times such as with North Korea," he said.

Next up

While Fox News has now gone out of their way to use children to help promote Donald Trump, only time will tell if their coverage changes in the future. Though Trump might have Jacob Silva as a fan, his current approval rating is down to just 35 percent in the most recently released polling data.