After Harvey Weinstein was ousted from his own company and four members of the Board of Directors resigned, it seemed like there wasn't much room left for controversy. However, the company's COO and president is facing serious criminal allegations. According to an article by Variety, Weinstein Company president David Glasser is linked to a felon convicted of money laundering.

Mafia history

Variety reports that Glasser has gone through legal issues for decades now. His former company was allegedly apart of a "massive stock manipulation scheme" linked to the mafia.

Glasser's friend and colleague Roy Ageloff was apparently behind the operation and has served 8 years in prison after pleading guilty to security fraud.

Ageloff reportedly helped Glasser begin his career as a producer, but in an interview with Deadline, Glasser denies these claims. He says that he and some friends met Ageloff, who he described as just "a guy from Wallstreet," who decided he wanted to make movies. Glasser says that the only business he had with the convicted felon was a deal to make a few movies.

The Variety report says that Glasser's legal issues have damaged his career. In 2015, the producer declared that he would leave The Weinstein Company for new chances. He was allegedly offered an executive spot by DreamWorks Animation, but within weeks announced that he would return to The Weinstein Company.

Rejected for his past

DreamWorks Animation apparently looked further into Glasser and saw his legal history, triggering the decision to repeal the job offer. In his interview with Deadline, the producer denied this report. He said that he hadn't signed the deal with DreamWorks when Bob Weinstein called him an offered him a big incentive to stay with the company.

Glasser veered off of the DreamWorks question by discussing how Harvey's actions have affected both the company and himself. He said he is "hurt and angry," and feels sorry for not only the victims of sexual harassment but for himself and his employees.

The president and COO said he has received 5 job offers throughout the past week, but still believes in the company.

Though he thinks The Weinstein Company as a brand is dead, he says that it was "built by a team," not one man.

Glasser ended the interview saying that the fate of the company is ultimately up to the board. He says the decisions won't be his, but there will be options given to him which will govern what he does with his future.