Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu was shaken on Saturday by a huge explosion that came from a Truck loaded with explosive devices.

Witnesses said that the truck loaded with the explosives had blown up in the midst of the busy streets in Zoobe Area, downtown Mogadishu. The junction where the explosion happened is lined with hotels, restaurants and government offices. According to onlookers, it was the worst explosion they have seen so far, which instantly turned into a tragic and deadly scene.

At a nearby hotel, police authorities and the staff of the Safari hotel exchanged fires with gunmen.

However, authorities are still validating the connection of the gunfight with the explosion.

Abdirahman Omar, somalia's information minister, said that the explosion on Saturday was the huge blast the city had ever seen. He added that everyone must unite and fight against the brutality and merciless attacks of the terrorists.

Death toll

Latest update from Somali Police, the Death Toll had already reached to 189 and more than 200 injured civilians were reported. Many of the those who died were burnt severely and cannot be recognized anymore. Hospital doctors said that they are overwhelmed by the patients brought to the hospital and described the situation to be horrifying.

Three days of mourning for the victims of the explosions was declared by President Mohamed Abdullahi "Farmajo" Mohamed.

He appealed to all Somali people to volunteer and donate blood to the wounded victims of the recent blast.

No one had claimed the responsibility for the huge explosions in Mogadishu. Even al-Qaeda which is linked to the al-Shabab group who often targeted areas of Mogadishu made no claim for the blast. Recently, the said extremist group stepped up their attacks on the bases of the army across the south and central part of Somalia.

The United States, an ally of the African Union and Somali military in combating the terrorism, said that it condemns the cowardly attack in Mogadishu which killed hundreds of civilians.

Second explosion

Later on Saturday, another explosion took place in the city’s Madina district. Two civilians were reported dead. Police major, Siyad Farah confirmed that a suspect was caught for planting the explosives in a car.

Two days prior to the explosions in Mogadishu, U.S. Africa Command was in the capital to make an audience to the President of Somalia. Two days after the resignation of the defense minister and army chief of the country also, the explosion took place.