Saturday saw zombies take to the streets in many parts of the world to mark the annual World Zombie Day. According to USA Today, the celebration was founded in 2006 in Pittsburgh, the city where the zombie horror “Dawn of the Dead” was originally filmed. It’s not just for fun however, as participants are asked to make donations of non-perishable food to their local food banks before all the fun begins.

Pittsburgh comes alive with the undead

According to organizers of Pittsburgh’s Zombie Walk, they have managed to snag three world records for the number of participants over the years.

However, while Pittsburgh claims the largest marches, a Zombie Pub Crawl on October 11, 2014, in Minneapolis is listed on the Guinness World Records website as hosting the largest ever zombie gathering at 15,458 participants.

Authorities did warn participants not to touch the “living” as they staggered along in full gory and realistic makeup and zombies were also requested to avoid smearing fake blood over signs, buildings or walls in the city, probably to avoid a major cleanup effort on Sunday.

Asbury Park saw zombies, ‘Thriller’ and fake Donald Trumps

As noted by, Asbury Park saw everything from gored and severed heads to four undead Disney princesses, with local resident, 27-year-old Jordan Armstrong wearing a blood-soaked Little Mermaid costume.

Armstrong headed out with her friends who were dressed up as undead Snow White, Belle and Little Red Riding Hood as they joined hundreds of fellow zombies in Asbury Park’s 10th annual Zombie Walk.

It wasn’t just about costumes, however, as participants had spent the morning getting their “look” from professional artists before heading to a “brain eating” contest to gobble down jello.

They even did a pretty good impression of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” before the main march started, as can be seen in the video below.

The event wasn’t just for youngsters, however, as Willie Martin, 71, participated in the Zombie Walk for the first time, even performing in “Thriller.” He said it was just like “The Walking Dead,” saying he loved it and wanted to do something exciting.

While the writer has yet to see walkers dancing to Jackson's “Thriller,” she does get his drift. The full Zombie Walk can be seen here.

Rather hilariously there was even an undead Santa in the march and several scary versions of President Donald Trump. One Trump zombie was seen to be pushing a tombstone with his name on it and brought to mind the president’s recent trip to Puerto Rico by yelling “does anyone need saving” while throwing paper towels out into the crowd.

World Zombie Day in London

London also did its part with the 2017 World Zombie Day, as can be seen in the video below, with some impressive makeup and costumes and even a scary clown (with a balloon).

Paris also saw some amazing costumes in their version of the Zombie Walk: