It happened on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway at 4 AM on Friday, as a Brooklyn man calmly left his burning vehicle, leaving his female passenger to die in the flames, while hailing a passing yellow cab.

WABC-TV News obtained the cell phone video footage of the incident, as the 23-year-old Saeed Ahmad left his car, hailing a taxi and asking casually if he could “get a ride.” His passenger, 25-year-old Harleen Grewal, died in the roaring flames, still seated in Ahmad’s Infiniti 35G.

Car blazes as driver leaves the scene in a cab

After his car burst into flames on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Driver Ahmad left his female passenger seated in the blazing car and hailed a cab to leave the scene.

Investigators later found the charred remains of Grewal, in the passenger seat of the car once the fire had been extinguished.

When a cell phone video was released by WABC-TV News the following day, Grewal’s family suffered for the second time. They already knew their relative had died in the blaze, but now found out what exactly had happened. Raj Grewal, her mother, said outside their home in Astoria that she didn’t know what had happened, adding that is her child, her angel.

Victim’s boyfriend shocked over the incident

Karan Singh Dhillon, Grewal’s boyfriend, was shocked with grief following her death.

He posted on Facebook to say she didn’t deserve to die like this, adding that the good ones always leave too soon. The New York Daily News quotes an interview with Dhillon where he said Grewal was the type of person who would do anything for others. He said she would give food to the hungry and even give away the clothes off her back if someone needed them.

Dhillon added that he feels no ill will against the driver, saying nothing is solved by anger. He said forgiveness is the biggest thing, adding that Ahmad will have to deal with what he did for the remainder of his life.

Driver receiving burn treatment prior to arraignment

According to the police, Ahmad had told them he was dating Grewal. However, according to her friends, he was merely an acquaintance that was giving her a ride home. After Ahmad hailed the taxi, he directed the driver to take him to Maimonides Medical Center for treatment, while Grewal remained in the burning car.

Ahmad remained in the hospital on Saturday, receiving burn treatment, but has since been charged with criminally negligent homicide, manslaughter, driving without a license and for leaving the scene of a fatal accident. His arraignment is still pending while Ahmad receives treatment for burns to his arms, legs, and neck.

Family believes driver did try to help his passenger

Ahmad’s family believe their relative did try to help Grewal, with his brother, 21-year-old Waheed Ahmad, speaking of his burn injuries, saying they are proof that he did try to help her get out of the burning car. He added that the newly released video just adds to their family’s pain.