US President Donald Trump commanded the deployment of several fighter jets in a Show Of Force against the Russian Empire. The vessels were sent to monitor a secret submarine that stealthily chops through the Mediterranean waters.

The Russian submarine dubbed the Krasnodar departed the coast of Libya in late May. It traveled in the Mediterranean Sea undetected for several days before it fired a barrage of missiles on Syria.

America showed force against Russia

The US military later detected the stealth vessel and pursued it with the USS George H.W.

Bush and other warships. Also, a fleet of MH-60R Seahawk helicopters joined the chase. United States Military commander also dispatched a fleet of P-8 Poseidon anti-sub jets from its Italian air base.

America and its allies tracked the Krasnodar to its base in the Black Sea. However, this is the first time since the Cold War that the US military had to monitor a Russian submarine prowling in the Mediterranean Sea. And while the vessel cruised unnoticed for several months before US commanders detected it, the show of force that followed highlights their readiness.

Vladimir Putin stockpiling fighter jets?

The Russian Air Force has received a new batch of fourth-generation SU34 fighter jets according to its defense minister.

And while the defense minister did not disclose the exact number, he stated that its military would receive 16 fighter aircraft by the end of the year.

These Su-34 aircraft, are capable of engaging targets both on the ground and in the air. NATO officials dubbed the warplanes "Fullback." Reportedly, military forces in Syria used the jets extensively during combat.

The Krasnodar is a small submarine armed with cruise missiles and conventional torpedoes. U.S. Military officials reported that these stealth vessels posed a very tangible threat to U.S. aircraft carriers. United States officials are wary of Russia because of the rising tensions between both countries after President Vladimir Putin denounced the U.S.

military attacks on neighboring Syria.

And now with the Krasnodar, the US has to find ways to track the elusive vessel, which is battery operated. The USS Bush task now includes monitoring the submarine while trying to learn more about its pattern, tactics, and techniques. The United States Military also has to study the battle rhythms of Russia's newly acquired fighter vessel.