According to Brooklyn police, a 12-year-old boy and his eight-year-old sister made up an elaborate tale about a man stalking and spying on them. It turned out they were mad at their babysitter and after police viewed surveillance footage of the alleged Brooklyn Stalker, the man handed himself in, denying all charges. The siblings’ father reportedly works as a special-victims detective.

Two kids frame a Brooklyn man as a stalker

As reported by the New York Daily News, the two children said a Brooklyn man had been stalking them for two days and even went on to write a fake note, framing a man, who had once claimed he had lived in their Crown Heights home.

The letter warned the parents to watch out, saying he was watching them and that their daughter was "cute."

CBS Local reports that police said the two pranksters accused the man of following the girl while she was walking with her friend from her home to the school bus. They added that the same “stalker” had visited their home on Friday at around 7 PM, where the girl alleged he had been on their steps, crouching down and taking photos of the inside of their house. The girl went on to tell police that she confronted the “stalker,” he wanted to know which room she sleeps in and asked about who else lives in the home.

She said he left after she refused to answer his questions.

The boy then chipped in, saying the alleged stalker had returned to their home the following day at around 11:15 a.m. and had asked the boy which room he sleeps in, while asking questions about their parents. He told police he didn’t answer the man and had walked indoors.

Police made story public, leading to the ‘stalker’ being apprehended

The NYPD took the story seriously and publicly announced there was a stalker in Brooklyn, and after viewing surveillance footage taken around the time of the alleged stalking, they managed to identify the man, who then handed himself in to police.

However the footage showed that the alleged stalker had walked past the home, but did not appear to have been doing anything harmful or threatening. Other surveillance footage showed the same man driving past the building, but the “suspect” explained he had just wanted to drive past his former Brooklyn home. After being questioned by police, the Brooklyn man was released on Monday night, with no charges against him.

Sibling’s fess up to their prank

The siblings ended up admitting they had made up the story about the stalker and written the letter, which they had placed in their own mailbox. Apparently, the kids’ parents were on vacation at the time and they were fed up with their overly-strict babysitter.